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from modern frame loom weaving to multishaft looms

There's nothing more magical than creating your own cloth. We are sharing our passion for handcrafted colour in weaving and invite you join us.

Essential Weaving

explore the fundamentals

The School of SweetGeorgia is focused on creating new weavers who love colour! Before we can begin mixing and blending yarns and colours in handwoven cloth, we need to learn how weaving works and gain a fundamental understanding of some basic weaving concepts.

There is an essential body of knowledge in weaving that is helpful to know, regardless of what equipment you are using to weave that cloth. This workshop is an overview of the essential concepts so that you can progress towards weaving on a rigid heddle loom, a multi-shaft loom, or whatever loom you choose to work with. We explore looms and tools, yarn for weaving, calculating and winding warps, and the fundamental movements of weaving.

Frame Loom Weaving
Frame Loom Weaving

Frame Loom Weaving

learn the basics of modern frame loom weaving

This workshop is designed to introduce you to the world of modern weaving by teaching you how to use the simplest of all looms: the frame loom. You will learn how to use basic weaving techniques such as plain weave, looped tabby, soumak braid, and more! Come on and weave weird with us!

Weaving on a rigid heddle loom
Weaving on a rigid heddle loom

Rigid Heddle Weaving

discover the magic and simplicity of weaving with this loom

In the "Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics" workshop, we introduce you to weaving with a rigid heddle loom. This little loom is quite a powerful and versatile piece of equipment and can help you to weave beautiful cloth that could be used for everything from scarves and shawls to textiles for the home.

Learn two different ways to warp your rigid heddle loom and discover how quick and easy it can be to weave. We work through step-by-step to weave two colourful scarves.

Weaving Library

Recent tutorials and livestream lessons about weaving

Colour Gamp shawl

Member Update // All About Colour in our Handwoven Colour Series!

It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas – each weekend is filled with holiday celebrations with colleagues, family, fibre art friends and more, and holiday traditions gleefully fill the hours. The gifts are mostly done, the cards… well, some still need to be written, but it’s been an enjoyable season with plenty […]

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Handwoven Colour Gamp Shawl

Colour Gamp Shawl

Handwoven Shawl Pattern. Weave a 15-hue colour gamp using sock yarn in plain weave. Enjoy the interactions of colour between these fifteen hues of a spectrum and weave your own colour gamp shawl. Work with gradient mini-skein sets or limit your colour selections to just analogous colours. The options are infinite!

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What is the School of SweetGeorgia

The School of SweetGeorgia is a membership community that provides members with access to all of our video-based fibre arts educational content. Tutorials, workshops, and courses are added on a regular basis. Video courses and workshops are supported by the instructor through an active community discussion forum as well as monthly livestream Q&A sessions. Our focus is building a video library of deep knowledge in the fibre arts, exploring dyeing, spinning, weaving, knitting, and how colour brings it all together.

What are the Membership options?

The School of SweetGeorgia All-Access membership is a month-to-month or annual subscription that begins on the date you sign up. The All-Access membership allows members to access and watch all of our education content. Your membership can be paused or cancelled online at anytime.

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Our entire course library is available as soon as you sign up. All our course and workshop content is completely self-paced – you decide when you start and when you finish. Work at your own pace, whenever and wherever you have time.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! As long as the School of SweetGeorgia is in operation and as long as you have an active membership subscription, our content will be available to you. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to our course library for as long as you like — across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the School?

We would never want you to be unhappy! The best way to see if our School is a good fit for you is to first watch the videos that we have made available for preview (see above). This will give you a good idea of what our video lessons are like. If you are still unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Weaving Workshops

Our latest weaving courses and workshops

Plan Your Make Nine

Do you ever find yourself in a rut with your knitting or sewing? Making the same things over and over, not really branching out into new skills, shapes, or directions? It’s usually fear or self-doubt that gets in my own way, causing creative blocks, burn-out, and boredom. If you want to try something different and […]

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Handwoven Colour: The Colour Gamp

Handwoven Colour

The focus of this ongoing series will be on working with colour and incorporating handpainted and hand-dyed yarns into our handwoven projects. Specifically, we’ll look at working with semi-solid hand-dyed yarns, handpainted yarns, and splashy or speckled variegated yarns. We’ll also look at variations of sett, warp-faced, and weft-faced fabrics. With each episode, we’ll make […]

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Multishaft Weaving Sampler

Multishaft Weaving Basics

Ever since we began the School of SweetGeorgia, I have been waiting for the right moment to share this topic of weaving with a multishaft loom! Welcome to our first multishaft weaving course where we will learn how to dress a table loom and floor loom using the “back-to-front” method and weave a sampler project. […]

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More Weaving Coming Soon

from simple to sublime, let's weave more together

We have a special place in our heart for weaving with hand-dyed knitting yarns. Once we're all up to speed with weaving on a rigid heddle loom or multishaft loom, we'll focus on more projects that explore colour interactions with hand-dyed yarns. Think hand-dyed gradient sock blanks, speckled and splashy yarns, handpainted yarns and more...

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