Weaving shuttles and tools

Weaving Tools

Here are a few of the tools that I mention in the Essential Weaving workshop:

  • Raddle — you can DIY one with a strip of wood and some nails, or you can get a nice one from Schacht here
  • Heddle hooks — hooks are available from Schacht, Leclerc, and Ashford in a variety of styles and materials
  • Reed hooks — the two that I show are from Ashford (plastic) and Schacht (brass)
  • Shuttles — boat shuttles are available in different sizes as well from Schacht and Leclerc. The ones I use almost exclusively are the slim, open-bottom boat shuttle and 12″ end-delivery shuttle from Schacht.
  • Warping board — warping boards are available in large (14-yard) and smaller (4.5-yard) sizes. If you need to wind a warp that is much longer than 14-yards, you’ll want to look into warping mills. Warping mills are also available in a variety of sizes which can accommodate anywhere from 16- to 50-yard warps.

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