Rigid Heddle weaving study group with Amanda Wood

Essential Weaving Tools & Equipment

Weaving shuttles and tools

All weaving is just a little bit different but the essentials are always there. A loom, warping equipment, weaving tools. Having all the weaving essentials can make a more enjoyable weaving experience. Let us help you to get started.

This is a general list of equipment, tools and accessories that are used in most courses at the School of SweetGeorgia . We advice looking at each courses individual materials list found in the material tab before beginning any project or homework.


*If you don’t own a loom and are curious to what loom to start with, we have an article here to help you! 


Multishaft Warping:

  • Warping Board or mill
  • Raddle if not built into loom
  • Clamps *for attaching Raddle if no spot is available on the loom

Rigid Heddle Warping:

  • Warping Peg & Clamp for the direct warping method
  • Warping Board for the indirect warping method
  • 2 Lease sticks (or 2 long sticks) indirect warping method
  • Extra bar for back beam if removal on loom isn’t possible
  • Clamps  *To hold rigid heddle loom to table

Additional Supplies:

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