Weaving Twills on 4-Shafts

Twill Gamp

This pattern for the twill gamp featured in the “Weaving Twills on 4-Shafts” course.

Handwoven twill fabrics have a beautiful drape and can showcase a variety of designs with weft yarn floats that create distinctive diagonal lines. The first project in this workshop will be weaving a twill gamp, which is a way for us to experiment with many different variations of twill. And then using the information we learned from making this twill gamp, we’ll design our own project!


Cotton Gamp: Warp & Weft: 3 cones of Gist Beam 3/2 organic cotton, 1 each in Natural (warp colour), Cobalt (weft colour), and Hibiscus (contrast colour) (630 yd / 576 m per 8 oz / 227 g cone; 100% organic cotton).

Wool Gamp: Warp & Weft: 3 skeins of SweetGeorgia BFL+Silk Fine, 1 each in Birch (warp colour), Trinket (weft colour), and Lollipop (contrast colour) (370 yd / 338 m per 3.5 oz / 100 g skein; 75% bluefaced leicester, 25% silk).

Equipment & Tools

4-shaft loom with a minimum 15″ / 38 cm weaving width for cotton gamp or a 20″ / 50 cm weaving width for wool gamp

4-shaft loom with a minimum 45″ / 110 cm weaving width for blankets

12-dent reed (sleyed 1-1-1-1-1-2 for cotton gamp)

2 shuttles and at least 2 bobbins, warping board, reed hook, heddle hook, tapestry needle, measuring tap

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Colour & Weave Gamp

A gamp is a sampler, a weaver’s way of using a single warp to test out multiple ideas. It could be a colour gamp or a weave structure gamp or in this case a gamp that explores colour patterns. Colour and Weave is not a weave structure but rather a pattern, in the sense that it is simply plain weave with the addition of colour effects through alternating light and dark threads.

Wall of Troy Runner Weaving Pattern

In The Intentional Weaver course with Laura Fry, we learned how to beam a warp using a trapeze and this is the project we put on the loom. It’s a 5-yard / 4.6 m long 3/2 cotton warp that we threaded on 8 shafts in a “wall of troy” threading pattern. This pattern can also be threaded on 4 shafts, so both drafts are included here. Changing the treadling will produce new patterns.

M & W Placemats Weaving Pattern

These 4-shaft Ms and Ws twill placemats are quick to weave up in 3/2 cotton. Weave a set of 4 matching placemats or weave one long table runner. By changing up your treadling progressions, you can weave a series of different twill patterns too!