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Latest Courses

TAAT Socks
Tabetha Hedrick

Two-at-a-Time Socks

Coming to SOS on Oct 5th, 2023!

Learn how to knit two-at-a-time socks using the magic loop method for any size and any yarn with Tabetha Hedrick.

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42301 Ergonomics of Dyeing Yarn
Charlotte Lee

Dyeing Large Amounts of Yarn

If you are intrigued by the nuances in hand-dyed spinning yarns, with the goal to dye bulk amounts, then Dyeing Large Amounts of Yarn is the course for you. 

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Spin-In Clinic
Kim McKenna

Spin-In Clinic

Join Kim McKenna in the Spin-In Clinic, where three levels of spinning students learn targeted techniques to improve their handspun yarns.

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82309 Weaving Lace on Four Shafts Huck
Laura Fry

Weaving Lace on Multi-Shaft Looms

In this class, Instructor Laura Fry introduces us to the basics of three different weaving structures: Huck, Swedish, and Bronson. She explains how to identify each type and understand how other drafts can be used to create a lacy structure. 

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