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Latest Courses

Charlotte Lee

Granny Squares

By the end of the course, you will know how to make a granny square as big or small as your heart may wish! You will learn crocheting the basic square pattern, changing colours, and piecing together to make larger projects. You’ll practice by making four different class project: coaster sets, headbands, blankets and pillows.

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Spinning Luxury fibres Camelids
Rachel Smith

Spinning Luxury Fibres: Camelids

Continue your exploration of spinning luxury fibres with camelids, taught by Rachel Smith. Learn a repertoire of spinning preps and drafts to create stable yarns with fibres like alpaca, llama, and camel.

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Spinning on Ashford E-Spinner 3
Debbie Held

Spinning with e-Spinners

Have you considered having an e-spinner as your main spinning tool?Join spinning instructor, Debbie Held, and learn to spin with e-spinners like the Ashford E-Spinner, Daedalus, Hansen Mini spinner, EEW6, and Nano EEW1.

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Crochet Joins online course taught by Charlotte Lee wet finishing crochet projects
Charlotte Lee

Crochet Joins

Expand your skills by learning four new crochet joins in this new video course with Charlotte Lee. You’ll practice working on them by making four different class projects: mini trays, pouches, handbags, and totes.

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Spinning Luxury Silk fibre handspun yarn by Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith

Spinning Luxury Fibres: Silk

Spinning silk in and of itself is a whole mastery course. With that in mind, and as always in the spirit of experimentation and curiosity, join in exploring the world of silk in this introductory course taught by Rachel Smith.

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