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Latest Courses

tuning up your wheel Stewart
Katrina Stewart

Tuning Up your Wheel

Learn about the basic cleaning of your wheel, day-to-day oiling, replacing drive bands to increase the longevity of your spinning wheel.

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Heel & Toe Variations Socks hand knit sock
Tabetha Hedrick

Heel & Toe Variations for Top Down Socks

Do you love knitting socks and are ready to adjust the fit and feel of your finished project? Find heel flap and toe variations you can make to the next pair you knit! Learn construction techniques for each one and how to incorporate the heel into your own sock stitch count in the course workbook .  

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42203 fresh leaf indigo dyeing ffrench
Caitlin ffrench

Fresh Indigo Leaf Dyeing

Fresh Indigo leaf dyeing is a very easy way of getting into natural dyeing. In this course we are going to be dyeing using both the salt rub method and ice dyeing method. You will learn: planting indigo, harvesting the leaves, ice dye method, salt rub method, propagating from cuttings, seed saving and more!

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