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Latest Courses

colour & weave gamp Amanda Wood
Amanda Wood

Rigid Heddle Study Group: Colour & Weave

Join us for the Rigid Heddle Study Group at the School! Running from August 4th to August 26th, 2022; this study group will work through content from Amanda Wood’s course: Colour & Weave on Rigid Heddle Loom, from weaving a colour & weave gamp, wet finishing your gamp and weaving either the class pattern or designing your woven cloth.

New lessons will be released on Thursdays each week. We’re happy to have you here!

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Dyeing Yarn with Acid Dyes
Felicia Lo

Acid Dyeing Basics Study Group: Fundamentals

If you are intrigued by the beauty of hand-dyed yarns and fibres and would like to learn about using acid dyes along with a supportive group, join us in this four-week Acid Dyeing Study Group. We will start from the very basics—from setting up a dye space and mixing dye stock solutions, to finishing up some hand-dyed yarns and fibres. Let’s dye some magic together!

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62202 Colour & Fibre Play II Twiss Purple Batt
Diana Twiss

Colour & Fibre Play II

Join instructor Diana Twiss as she guides you through techniques to scale up from 30 grams of a unique fibre blend to 500 grams or more.  In addition to making larger amounts, learn spinning and plying techniques to illustrate the variety of yarns you can get from the same blend (whether done on a drum carder, blending board, or even hand carders).

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52202 Fundamentals to Finishing pockets Yeoh
Holli Yeoh

Fundamentals to Finishing Knits

Uplift your knits from “homemade” to “hand knit” by learning fine finishing techniques that add a touch of sophistication and polish to your projects, making them look better. In this skill-building course you’ll discover Holli’s favourite cast on, fully-fashioned increases and decreases, short row shoulder shaping, seams, weaving in ends, successful pick up and knit tips, buttonholes and more.

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82202 Fry threading loom
Laura Fry

Fundamentals of Weaving Series

Join us for the upcoming Live Lecture Series with Master Weaver Laura Fry! The first Wednesday of every second month, Laura will join us live through Zoom to share a series of lectures on weaving fundamentals she’s developed.

2022 Live Lectures Schedule:

  • May 4th: A Good Yarn
  • July 6th: The Toolbox
  • September 7th: Goldilocks Zone: Tension
  • November 2nd: Decoding the Code: Drafts and Drafting 

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42201 Eco printing
Caitlin ffrench

Eco Printing with Natural Dyes

Join in learning eco printing, or contact printing, with Caitlin ffrench! Learn about the different methods of getting dye stuff, either wildcrafted, homegrown or store bought, to make prints of leaves and flowers onto fabric, yarn and knitted items. Whether you’d like to dye onto a sock yarn blank, and then knit, weave or crochet from this, or perhaps print directly onto a finished object you’ve already made, you’ll learn all the steps needed to enjoy this beautiful form of natural dyeing!

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