Learn all about tapestry weaving here! In these courses and articles Janna Maria Vallee, a celebrated tapestry artist from Madeira Park, British Columbia shows us the fundamentals of this art form. If you are new to tapestry, start with “Fundamentals of Tapestry” and then move to “Techniques in Tapestry“.


Janna is writing a series of posts all about helping new tapestry weavers find confidence in their work. Janna will address questions that she has seen her students ask and they might be about troubleshooting tapestry issues, offering clarity, or helping out with a creative starting point. These articles hope to offer concrete advice that is actionable on the loom and provide detailed photos and illustrations where applicable. If you have questions you’d like Janna to answer, please feel free to ask them in our Community Forums here »


Tapestry Weaving sampler by Janna Maria Vallee
Brigid Zurock

Member Update // Tapestry Weaving with Janna Maria Vallee!

Tapestry weaving is an art which has been around for hundreds of years, and one which continues to capture the imagination of artists and admirers today, and we are beyond excited for our latest addition to the School of SweetGeorgia – Tapestry Weaving with Janna Maria Vallee!

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Tapestry Weaving by Janna Maria Vallee
Brigid Zurock

Member Update // Tapestry Weaving Coming Soon + Our Latest Updates!

With the first day of fall just around the corner, and short days and long nights soon following, it can be enjoyable to go through a shift of projects inspired by the change of seasons. A shift from focusing on projects of portability to instead projects that can be savoured and enjoyed inside the home.

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