Spinning your own handspun yarn for knitting or weaving can be so much fun and satisfying. Learning to spin will give you ultimate understanding and control over so many characteristics of your yarn. From softness to size and from twist to texture, learn how we make our own yarns with our enthusiastic and encouraging spinning instructors here.


Our courses are designed for spinners of all levels, from the absolute beginner to a spinner who wants precise control over all the nuances of handspun yarn. We've organized the courses in a curated path so you can get from where you are to where you want to be.

Spinning Wheel

Start to Spin

If you're just starting out with spinning, start here! In these two workshops, you'll find the basics of fibre, drafting, adding twist to make a stable yarn, and then learning to make a plied yarn. Here, we spin with a spinning wheel or a suspended spindle. You can choose whichever tool you prefer!

Intentional Yarn

Intentional Spinner

These spinning courses help you learn to spin with specific purpose in mind. Learn to spin to specifications or replicate a commercial spun yarn. Practicing these skills will give you the ability to control the grist, twist, and feel of your yarns.


Spin to Knit a Sweater
Annie Jin

Learn to Spin to Knit a Sweater

Learn the process of creating your first garment from your handspun yarn. Discover how to select the kind of fibre that will give you the garment you desire, how to sample your handspun yarn, how to calculate the measurements of your yarn, how to store large amounts of plies for bigger projects, and how to swatch your yarn before starting your garment.

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C&FP Twiss blending board rainbow fibre
Annie Jin

Learn Fibre Preparation

Learn how to use blending boards, drum carders, hand carders, and wool combs for carding and combing spinning fibre for handspinning.

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Spinning wheel, fibers, and kitty cat
Debbie Held

Do You Really Need A Master Spinner Certification?

Sometimes, we build up goals and long-term objectives in our minds or even on paper, but we fail to review and reconsider the items on these lists as the years go by. For me, attaining an official “master spinner” status was one such intention, and one I’d put off.

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Ashford E-Spinner 3
Felicia Lo

Choosing an E-Spinner

There are many options for e-spinners available now that fit every style of spinning and budget. Compare e-spinners to choose the best one for you.

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