Hand dyed spinning fibre

Spinning Fibre Suppliers

In our Spinning From Scratch course, I demonstrate all the techniques using one of my all-time favourite spinning fibres — SweetGeorgia BFL+Silk in our Tapestry colourway. But there are plenty of other options for starting out.

You can also find spinning fibres at these suppliers:

If you’re choosing your first spinning fibre, consider wool breeds like Corriedale, Bluefaced Leicester, and Coopworth which are a little grippier (and a little coarser), making it easier to work with for starters. As you begin to develop more muscle memory and confidence with your spinning and drafting, there is a world of incredible wools, silks, and luxury fibres that await!

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In this week’s update, we’re excited to share a new, extensive spinning course with you – Spinning Sheep Breeds, taught by Rachel Smith! This course explores various sheep breeds available to spinners, and in the course Rachel talks about what classifies them within each category, reflections about the yarns we can create with these various wools and the uses for these yarns. ​This week we also want to share an updated discount code for SOS members shopping at the SweetGeorgia shop.