Spin from a Fibre Rolag

spin rolag Kim McKenna


Learn how to spin yarn from a fibre rolag. Fibre rolags are more commonly used for shorter fibres.

When I do a woollen draft, my front hand only needs to open and close, and it’s my back hand, my dominant hand that is going to do the most of the work. So I change sides, and I spin one with my right hand at the back and my left hand forward. So it’s maybe a little different than most people. See, when I’m pulling back woollen with the longer fibres, it’s a little harder. It’s a little firmer tug that’s required. But when you work with a shorter fibre, it’s a lot easier. 

When spinning woollen people often ply them as three or four ply yarns. It helps even out the inconsistencies, and that also gives that weak singles a little bit more strength and a little bit more cohesion.



This tutorial comes from Kim McKenna’s Working from Fleece course lesson 1.4. If you want to learn more, find Kim McKenna’s courses at the School:

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