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spin along with us SweetGeorgia fibre

This morning, while enjoying my hot cuppa before starting the day, I revelled as the change of seasons and the back-to-school routines got settled. With the holidays and gift planning still weeks away, this is the perfect time to plan a project just for you.

I happened to be reading Amanda Buckley’s article Let’s Make Crafting Time Works for Us and the phrase Crafting for Self-Care really stuck with me. Just as I make time to go on walks and brush my teeth three times a day, making time for crafting brings me back to my happy place. As multi-craftual makers, we are so lucky to embark on the process of making textiles as involved in as many steps of the way as we may choose, and if you want to spin along with us, we would love to have you!

Spin for a Project

If you’re eagerly anticipating your craft time in Socktober (October, with Tabetha’s sock courses) and the Weave-Along with Debbie Held (in November), now is the perfect season to dive into your stash and find the ideal braid to spin while practising self-care. I found myself plying the last bobbins of my current project and eagerly returned to review my stash.  A braid of SweetGeorgia Corriedale in the Salted Caramel colourway has been on my spinning queue for a few months. Both Felicia & spinning instructor Kim McKenna recently spun this colourway in the BFL + Silk base, as a 4-ply yarn and a 3-ply fractal yarn.


salted caramel SweetGeorgia fibre bfl silk
Fractal spun yarn by Felicia in the Salted Caramel colourway

Where are we Meeting to Spin Along?

I’m celebrating the change of season by prepping the fibre and getting it ready for spinning a fractal 2-ply yarn. I hope you join us spinning for a project & come over to SweetGeorgia Yarns Discord #spinning to share your spin-in progress & meet with new and old friends! 

Check Out the Events Calendar to find out the upcoming Meet-Ups, great for chatting and sharing projects with our community and co-working sessions where we make time to make things together. If you’d like some company while you craft, on Monday, September 18th I will be hosting the Knit Meet Up at 10 AM PST to talk everything fibre, spinning, knitting & more! If you need some accountability to get started, join me at the Co-Working Session at 1 PM PST on the same day!

Remember, you can join the spin along at ANY time, so dive into your stash or visit the SweetGeorgia shop to find some beautiful fibre and spin along with us! We’d love to see your spinning progress on social media using the hashtag #sosspinning, or join other School of SweetGeorgia members and instructors in the Community Forums.

Spin Along with Us Salted Caramel SweetGeorgia Fibre
Salted Caramel colourway in Polwarth+Silk fibre

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