Spin Along with Us: Fibre Prep Your Way

Spin Along with Us Salted Caramel Corriedale

How do you start your mornings, after the alarm clock and the sounds of your house permeate your consciousness? How do you embrace this brand new day filled with potential in front of you? As one of the adults in my family, the first 90 minutes usually blur between packing lunches, making breakfast and emptying the dishwasher.  Then, we walk to school, a privilege we enjoy as often as possible. Afterwards, it’s time for tea and a moment with my partner before starting work. 

But I will tell you, after pouring my cup of coffee, typically with some music softly playing in the background, I relish sitting in front of my spinning wheel. Now it’s time to refill my self-care cup, even if I can only manage to sit for five minutes. The sunlight streams through the window, casting a warm glow on the singles on the bobbin. Even spinning for that short time centres me and sets a lovely tone for my day.  Many days, it feels like a challenge to fit it in, but just as I make time for the to-do list, spinning is part of my self-care routine, so I make it a priority. 

Fibre Prep Tips

As you head to your stash and find something to spin, the first question you may ask yourself is: How do I want to spin this fibre? 

With my braid of SweetGeorgia Corriedale fibre, I decided to split in as a fractal following the spinning instructor Debbie Held’s blog post on Best Practices in Fractal Spinning. Even as I did so, I recognized that the braid I chose, with its tonal qualities, would result in a more subtle effect than if I had selected one with distinctive, long runs of colour.

After separating my fibre lengthwise, I used a variation of my favourite fibre prep tutorial “Preparing Roving for Spinning with Hand Cards”. This tutorial comes from Kim McKenna’s Working from Fleece course, from which I’ve learned many techniques. I highly recommend checking it out!

If you’re looking for ideas, you may want to explore the free tutorials from the School of SweetGeorgia to get inspired.

Spin Along with Us Salted Caramel Corriedale dizzed

The Best Fibre Prep Tool May Be Your Hands

Fortunately, even if you’re just beginning your spinning journey, you have a fantastic fiber prep tool at your disposal: your hands. If you want some guidance on how to prepare a hand-dyed fiber braid for spinning, we have a couple of resources to help you get started:

Where Are We Meeting to Spin Along?

The spin-along continues until Oct 31st. Join us spinning for a project and share photos in the SweetGeorgia Yarns Discord #spinning channel. Thanks to SweetGeorgia Yarns, we will have a couple of gift cards to raffle from the photos shared in both Discord & the SOS Forum.

As a School of SweetGeorgia member, check out the Events Calendar to find out the upcoming Meet-Ups, ideal for chatting and sharing projects with our community, as well as co-working sessions where we make time to make things together. 

Today Monday, September 18th I will be hosting the Knit Meet Up at 10 AM PST to talk everything fibre, spinning, knitting & more. If you need some accountability to get started, join me at the Co-Working Session at 1 PM PST. Find the links in the Events Calendar!

Remember, you can join the spin-along at ANY time, so dive into your stash or visit the SweetGeorgia shop to find some beautiful fibre and spin along with us! We’d love to see your spinning progress on social media using the hashtag #sosspinning, or join other School of SweetGeorgia members and instructors in the Community Forums.

Spin Along with Us Salted Caramel Corriedale

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