22101 Crochet Basics Single Lee

Single Crochet Dishcloth

In the tutorial Single Crochet Dishcloth, learn to single crochet a dishcloth to practice your skills and to count rows.

If you need help Choosing your First Crochet Hook or to review Learn the Chain Stitch, we have tutorials for you. After your homework, you may want to try the tutorial Crochet a Mini Asymmetrical Shawl or how to invisible join your granny squares!


  • Single crochet demo
    • First row 00:00
    • Second row 04:14
  • Homework: Single crochet dishcloth 08:45
  • Counting rows 09:32

Use the “Chapters” function on the video player to jump to any section you wish!

This tutorial comes from Crochet Basics course with Charlotte Lee.

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