Sectioning a Warp with Direct Warping Method

amanda wood rigid heddle sectioning a warp

When we put a wider warp on a rigid heddle loom in the direct warp fashion, sometimes we can end up with different lengths in different sections of our warp. So you can see with this warp that I’m putting on right now, the peg is directly in the centre from where I’m warping. If this peg was shifted over either direction, let’s say we shift it over this way, you can see that the tension is getting more on the warp and the length of the warp is getting longer, so we’re going to end up with a warp that is longer on this side than the middle, than this side. 

So the way to fix this is to just keep an eye on your warping peg to make sure that it’s more or less in the centre from the back rod of your loom so that the warp is the same length all the way across.

By warping your loom in four to six inch sections, you can make sure that the warp is the same width all the way across. 

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