Scandinavian Sampler

WK Greenlaw Krokbragd Sampler 2

The pattern is  featured in the  “Weaving Krokbragd” course with Debby Greenlaw.

Join in learning about the beautiful Norwegian weaving technique called Krokbragd!

Taught by Debby Greenlaw, author of Krokbragd: How to Design and Weave and Krokbragd Patterns, learn about Debby’s own start to this beautiful weaving of colourful little motifs. Krokbragd has the look of a complicated weaving technique, but is so achievable once you understand its structure and characteristics. And this is exactly what you will learn in this course!

Scandinavian Sampler by Debby Greenlaw

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Measurements

  •  Wet-finished: 10 ” / 25.5 cm wide x 14.5 ” / 37 cm long.


  •  Warp: Approximately 103 yd / 95 m of 8/4 unmercerized cotton from Georgia Yarn Company (1680 yd / 1530 m per 1/2 lb / 227 g cone; 100% Cotton) in white. 

  • Weft: Approximately 270 yd / 247 m of 6/2 Borgs Tuna Wool (1538 yd / 1406 m per 1lb / 450 g in 3.5 oz skeins; 100% wool), 5 colours. Sample shown in 3012 Denim (Colour B, 105 yd /96 m), 3318 Light Poppy (Colour R, 84 yd / 77 m), 3310 Canary (Colour Y, 53 yd / 49 m), 3746 Pastel Blue (Colour L, 45 yd / 41 m), 3001 Natural White (Colour W, 13 yd / 12 m).

Equipment & Tools

  •  loom with at least 3 shafts and a minimum 11 ” / 25 cm weaving width, 10-dent reed or

  • rigid heddle loom with a minimum 10 ” / 25 cm weaving width, two 10-dent reed, or one 10-dent reed and two pick-up sticks or one pick-up stick and one heddle rod. 

  • 2 shuttles (or 5 bobbins, if using 2 boat shuttles), warping board, reed hook, heddle hook, tapestry needle, measuring tape


  •  Weave Structure: krokbragd weave

  • Warp Length: 1 yd / 91.5 cm (includes 20 ” / 51 cm take-up and loom waste)

  • Warp Ends: 103 (includes doubled selvages)

  • Ends Per Inch (EPI): 10 EPI

  • Picks Per Inch (PPI): 58 PPI

  • Width in Reed: 10.1 ” (25.5 cm)

  • Ends Per Inch (EPI): 12.5 EPI (1 end per slot and hole in 12.5-dent heddle )

  • Picks Per Inch (PPI): 11 PPI

  • Width in Reed: 9.6 ” / 24.5 cm


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