What we’re writing, filming, editing, and getting ready for you at the School! Release dates might change, but these are the projects we are actively working on. If you have suggestions for courses or workshops you’d like to see us create, please feel free to reach out to us with your ideas!

Q1 2022
Jan 2022 WEAVING
Intentional Weaver with Laura Fry
82202 Fry wall of troy project planning

In this course, master weaver Laura Fry shares her techniques for weaving efficiently and ergonomically. Join us to learn her practices for every step of the weaving process, from planning a project to winding a warp to dressing the loom.
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Colour & Weave on Rigid Heddle with Amanda Wood
82203 Houndstooth Colour & Weave Wood

Taught by Amanda Wood, this course explores pattern and colour, and how these things work together in our projects. We learn how to approach a new yarn – trying different combinations, playing with sett, learning to respond to its particular character. Amanda also covers weaving a gamp, taking this information to design a project unique to ourselves.
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Fixing Brioche Mistakes with Matt Akers
52203 fixing brioche mistakes Akers

Learn how to confidently fix common mistakes that occur in all of our brioche knitting, so that when you come across one of them in the wild you’ll have the confidence in your own skills to fix them without a second thought.
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Feb 2022 WEAVING
Wet Finishing for Weaving with Laura Fry
Magic in the Water: Wet Finishing Weaving projects by Laura Fry

Learn about what wet finishing is and the various ways to apply the process to your handwoven projects. The final step in bringing your individually interlaced threads into real cloth, we’ll look at how to full things, brushing a nap, working with different fibres, and explore how changes in your project can affect the end product.
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Design Your First Triangular Shawl with Tabetha Hedrick
52201 Design your triangular shawl Hedrick

Whether you’ve always wanted to design something, or you just want to put a good stitch pattern to use, this course will walk you through designing your first top-down triangular shawl, step-by-step.
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Knitting Study Group: Lace Mastery
52207SG Lace Chart 1 Seasilk Hojicha Robyn

Led by Tabetha Hedrick, this eight-week study group is broken into two sections for knitters – term A, four weeks of focus on either becoming acquainted with lace knitting as a beginner, or for challenging yourself in your lace knitting. Following that,  term B includes four weeks of going through the process of designing your own triangular lace shawl.
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Beyond Wrap & Turn with Ruth Nguyen
52204 Japanese short row Nguyen

Go beyond the wrap and turn and explore the incredible world of short rows with knitwear designer, Ruth Nguyen! Learn four alternatives to the wrap and turn: yarn over short rows, twin stitch short rows, Japanese short rows and German short rows, plus tips and tricks to substituting short row styles in your projects, and when the W&T is an ideal short choice.
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Q2 2022
Apr 2022 DYEING
Eco Printing with Caitlin ffrench
42201 Eco printing

In this course, Caitlin ffrench teaches the different methods of getting dye stuff, either wildcrafted, homegrown or store bought, to make prints onto fabric, yarn or knitted items. Learn all the steps needed to enjoy the beauty of natural dyeing in this form – making prints of shapes, leaves and flowers!
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Fundamentals to Finishing Knits with Holli Yeoh
Fundamentals to Finishing Knits with Holli Yeoh

Elevate your knits from “homemade” to “hand knit” by learning fine finishing techniques that add a touch of sophistication and polish to your projects. Learn Holli’s favourite cast on, fully-fashioned increases and decreases, short row shoulder shaping, seams, weaving in ends, successful pick up and knit tips, buttonholes and more. 
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May 2022 WEAVING
Live Lecture: A Good Yarn, with Laura Fry
Colourful weaving yarn warp

Join Canadian Master Weaver Laura Fry as she talks about the fundamentals of how fibre composition and construction make a different yarn. Originally presented as a live lecture, the replay is now available for watching.
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Colour& Fibre Play II with Diana Twiss
62202 Colour & Fibre Play II Twiss

Join instructor Diana Twiss as she guides you through techniques to scale up from 30 grams of a unique fibre blend, to 500 grams or more. In addition to making larger amounts, learn spinning and plying techniques to illustrate the variety of yarns you can get from the same blend (whether done on a drum carder, blending board, or even hand carders).
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Tapestry Study Group: Fundamentals
82214SG Tapestry Array Sprinkle Shipyards Cupcake Blend/ No Blend Janna Vallee Week 4 Everlea

Join us for our first Tapestry Study Group at the School! Running from May 12 to June 9, this study group will work through content from Janna Maria Vallee's courses: Fundamentals of Tapestry, Stripes in Tapestry and Techniques in Tapestry, designing and working the different techniques into a set of 4 coasters.
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Q3 2022
Jul 2022 WEAVING
Live Lecture: The Toolbox, with Laura Fry
82202 Fry beaming trapeze mira loom

Join Canadian Master Weaver Laura Fry as she talks about essential weaving equipment, explaining the loom mechanics for different types of looms and tools that increase weaving efficiency and quality. Originally presented as a live lecture, the replay is now available for watching.
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Jul 2022 DYEING
Acid Dyeing Basics Study Group: Fundamentals
Dyeing Yarn with Acid Dyes

Starting from the very basics—from setting up a dye space and mixing dye stock solutions to finishing up some hand-dyed yarns and fibres—dye some magic with us at this four-week study group! Originally running from July 7 to August 4, 2022, this content will continue to remain available for SOS Members to work through anytime!
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July 2022 SPINNING
Spinning with Supported Spindles with Debbie Held
Spinning with Supported Spindles

Walk through each step of Debbie Held's supported spindling process and alleviate any mystery surrounding the use of these spindles, demonstrating just how portable and spinning-friendly they are! The supported spindle has a unique beauty to it, not only in the finished yarn but in the fluid movements of spinning that yarn.
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Rigid Heddle Study Group: Colour & Weave
82103 CWWRH rigid heddle clasped weft cherry blossoms scarf Wood

Running from August 4th to August 26th, this weaving study group will work through content from Amanda Wood's course: Colour & Weave on Rigid Heddle Loom, from weaving a colour & weave gamp, wet finishing your gamp and weaving either the class pattern or designing your own woven cloth.
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Working from Fleece with Kim McKenna
62204 Working from fleece Kim raw polworth

Developed in response to requests from the SOS community curious about how to choose and scour a fleece, learn about the difference between woollen and worsted yarn, equipment for carding and combing clean scoured fibre, how to prepare combed sliver and roving, carded roving and rolags, and how to finish your handspun.
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Sep 2022 WEAVING
Live Lecture: Goldilocks Zone, with Laura Fry

This will be a live Zoom lecture with Laura. 
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Sept 2022 DYEING
Fresh Indigo Dyeing with Caitlin ffrench

In post-production.

Sept 2022 KNITTING
Socktober: Toe and Heel Variations with Tabetha Hedrick

In pre-production.

Q4 2022
Tuning Up Your Wheel with Eric and Katrina Stewart

In post-production.

Nov 2022 WEAVING
Live Lecture: Drafts & Drafting, with Laura Fry

This will be a live Zoom lecture with Laura. 
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Nov 2022 CROCHET
Crochet Basic Shapes with Charlotte Lee

In post-production.

Lace Pick-Up Sticks on Rigid Heddle with Amanda Wood

In post-production.

Dec 2022 WEAVING
Double Weave on 4-Shafts with Felicia Lo

In pre-production.

Q1 2023
Jan 2023 WEAVING
Live Lecture: Form Follows Function, with Laura Fry

This will be a live Zoom lecture with Laura. 
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Double Width Cloth on Rigid Heddle with Amanda Wood

In pre-production.

Spinning Luxury Fibres with Rachel Smith

In post-production.

Feb 2023 CROCHET
Granny Squares with Charlotte Lee

In pre-production.

Spinning with an E-Spinner with Debbie Held

In pre-production.