fleece roving hand cards Kim McKenna

Prepare Roving for Spinning with Hand Cards


Learn how to make a carded roving using one hand card, a lockpop and a diz with Kim McKenna.

“This fibre prep will have shorter lengths of fibre in there because I didn’t remove those. It’s a little bit fluffier, so it doesn’t lay flat quite the same. So your spinning has a little bit more loft to it when you spin from this type of fibre prep. Even if you spin it with a forward worsted draft and if you spun the wool combed fibre with a forward worsted draft, the wool comb fibre would be a little bit more compact, and this would have a little bit more loft or bulk to it.”

This tutorial comes from Kim McKenna’s Working from Fleece course lesson 1.3. Watch the full course if you want to learn more!



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