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Custom designed sweater by Leah Churchley knit in SweetGeorgia yarn design a sweater finale
leah learns design materials

How do you learn to design a sweater? Where would you even start? What features would you want your garment to have? These are the questions our SOS video editor, Leah Churchley, brought to Tabetha Hedrick when she thought of a cardigan she just had to make. 

With the final lesson now available, it’s time to see the beautiful cabled cardigan Leah desgined from scratch with Tabetha’s help at Leah Learns Design! Leah shares her custom design sweater, what she would improve the next time she designs a garment, and what she learnt from the design process.

Over at the coming-soon course​ Spinning with E-Spinners, you can now check out the materials list to get your spinning supplies ready before the course launch. In a few short years, the development of e-spinners for every budget and every level of experience has made the electric spinner go from purely aspirational to totally attainable. Should you get an e-spinner and if so, which model is right for you?

Instructor Debbie Held will answer all of these questions and more as she teaches us how to use this unique spinning tool. ​Bring your e-spinner and learn just how versatile they are—she’ll have loads of tips and tricks to help you improve your skills. The new lesson videos will be available on March 16th. 

How to Create a Gauge Library // Ruth Nguyen

Have you ever wished you knew exactly what yarn to get in a rush order or trip to an LYS, that you could predict the finished drape and feel of your project, or (gasp) could skip gauge swatching? I have some tips and tricks on creating a gauge library to help you with all three of the objectives above. (Okay, you might not be able to skip gauge swatching; Tabetha Hedrick, SweetGeorgia’s guru of gauge, is watching me! But having a gauge library will make that step go by just a little quicker!)​

Blue, yellow, and grey knit swatches for gauge library

​Continue reading Ruth Nguyen’s new How to Create a Gauge Library​ article, where we hope you are inspired to start your own. Knowledge is power, and knowledge that is catalogued and easy to access is that much more powerful—especially when it comes to our knitting and crochet projects!

Upcoming Meetups & Events

With something for all SOS makers, join us for some crafty conversations…

  • Knit Meetup with RobynFebruary 20, 10:00 AM PST // Bring any fibre craft project you’re working on and come enjoy the fun and casual chat on Zoom.
  • Live Office Hours with FeliciaFebruary 23, 10:00 AM PST // Coming up already next week, join Felicia at our monthly livestream sharing the latest news from the School. Submit your questions and projects in advance if you have a fibre arts question or SOS project you would like shared during the session.
  • Weave & Spin Meetup with VikkiFebruary 25, 8:00 AM PST // Bring any fibre craft project you’re working on and come enjoy the fun and casual chat on Zoom.
  • The Full Spectrum with Laura FryMarch 1, 12:00 PM PST // Save the date for our next live lecture in the Fundamentals of Weaving series where Laura will speak about the variables to be considered when making a functional textile.

Please note! Every Tuesday afternoon, for 1-2 hours starting a 1:00 PM PST, we will be taking some time to ensure the SOS website is up-to-date. We apologize for any downtime or interruptions you experience during this time.

Wishing you a wonderful week of multicraftual making,
School of SweetGeorgia

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