Member Update // Uncover the Creative Potential of Weaving Lace

2.1 Weaving Bronson Lace Frame

https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/835943126 laceThe video lessons are here! We can’t wait to delve into the art of lace weaving at the new Weaving Lace on Multi-Shaft Looms, taught by Laura Fry. In this course, we will explore three lace structures: Huck, Swedish, and Bronson lace, uncovering the creative potential and challenges of weaving lace.

Weaving Instructor Laura Fry upcoming lace course

Lace weaving is a highly versatile art form that opens up a world of boundless possibilities. Our aim is for you to leave this course with a newfound sense of adventure in lace structures and the endless potential they hold.

With an extensive workbook brimming with exquisite photographs, helpful tips, and valuable resources, embark on your own Huck lace project, allowing you to put into practice the skills you gain throughout the course. Share your questions and course progress with us over in the Community Forums… we’ll see you there!


Yarn Management Tutorials taught by Charlotte Lee

hand-dyed yarn balls

Continuing on with our month of sharing helpful yarn management tips and techniques, there are a couple of new videos that have now been added over at the tutorials page. Taught by Charlotte Lee, check out the Using a Nostepinne video plus the new Winding Yarn by Hand tutorial and learn how to wind yarn with the help of an umbrella swift.


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Wishing you a wonderful week of multicraftual making,
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