Member Update // Spinning Up a Level with Katrina Stewart

Various spinning fibre from School of SweetGeorgia's Spinning up a Level course with Katrina Stewart

New Workshop Series // Spinning Up a Level

Welcome to our latest workshop series on the School of SweetGeorgia: Spinning Up A Level taught by Katrina Stewart!

In this new series, we are going to be exploring how you can go from a beginner spinner to a spinner that can plan the exact kind of yarn they want to spin for a specific project, be it socks, a sweater, or a shawl. Throughout this series, we’ll be exploring various techniques of fibre choices, fibre preparation, drafting, plying, and finishing to achieve the hand-spun yarn of your dreams. This course also includes a comprehensive workbook and spinning exercises so you can try the demonstrated techniques for yourself and see which methods suit you and your spinning style.

Various handspun yarn examples from School of SweetGeorgia's Spinning up a Level course with Katrina Stewart
Handspun yarn examples on the included Spinning Worksheets

First released and now available on the SOS site is Module 1: Fibre Prep & Draft. How you prepare your fibre before spinning it can make a big difference to the kind of yarn you end up with. Katrina chats about the different options you have when it comes to fibre prep, as well as goes over different drafting techniques such as worsted draft, spinning from the fold, wooden & long draw and so much more.

Learn more with Katrina at Spinning Up a Level at the School today! Please also share with us your progress in the SOS community forums. If you have any questions or would like Katrina to take a look at your spinning exercises work, please do share with us there!


Live Office Hours // November 2020

Our next Live Office Hours session will take place Thursday, November 26 at 10am PST. Save the date and join us for a chat, updates from the school, and to get your fibre arts questions answered by Felicia! If you can’t make it, no worries as we always post the video on the SOS online library afterwards for all members to enjoy – view the archives HERE.

If you have a fibre arts question for our next Live Office Hours, please send them in advance to: felicia@sweetgeorgiayarns.com. We thank you for sending in your questions!

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Wishing you a week filled with colour and creativity,
School of SweetGeorgia

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