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textured Debbie Held
Spinning Textured Yarns

After all of the fun filming and visiting with Debbie Held at the SOS studio last year, we’re delighted to share with you the lesson content at Spinning Textured Yarns!

Art yarns are stable, usable yarns that add texture to the cloth in which they’re used. The yarns in this course are truly timeless, and they’re presented in a skill-building, logical order that’s meant to inspire you in your own application.

Debbie Held spinning on an e-Spinner for Spinning Textured Yarns

Along with learning how to spin a variety of art yarn styles, Debbie shares her philosophy behind creating functional textured yarns and how to reimagine handspun projects. Have fun and experiment further, bringing texture to your own work as subtly or as boldly as you desire. We hope you come away from this course with a new appreciation for art yarns and their infinite potential.

Please share all the amazing art yarns you make in our Community Forums​. If you are looking for fibres to work with, SweetGeorgia offers a selection of different hand-dyed braids and spinning mix-ins with your member discount!

Let’s Make Crafting Time Work for Us!

// new article by Amanda Buckley
Making time for crafting with knitting. Shown is the cuff of something in pink yarn on double pointed needles.

Every day, we are making judgement calls about what is truly worth focusing on. Those judgement calls lead to trade-offs between the time and attention we place on work, health, relationships, and our personal pursuits. If you struggle to find the time to make all the things as a multicraftual maker, it is time to stop and ask yourself why am I doing this? Is how and when I craft working for me? Do I make time for crafting?

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From our SOS Event Calendar 

// don’t miss these multicraftual meetups
  • Taking Back Friday LiveJune 9, 10:00 AM PDT // We’re sharing the excitement from SweetGeorgia! Everyone is welcome to come and say hello over in the YouTube live chat.
  • Co-Working Session with FeliciaJune 9, 1:00 PM PDT // Virtual co-crafting session with quiet, focused time for deep work. Join in the Zoom room and use the time to focus on your own projects.
  • Weave & Spin with Vikki: June 10, 8:00 AM PDT // Bring along any fibre craft project and come enjoy the fun chat on Zoom.
  • Live Office Hours with FeliciaJune 29, 10:00 AM PDT // Join Felicia at our June Live Office Hours. If you have an SOS project or question you would like Felicia to include in the livestream, post them in advance here.
  • Stories from the Matrix with LauraJuly 9, 1:00 PM PDT // Save the date! Not a School event, but SOS weaving instructor Laura Fry is launching a new book of weaving essays and she shared the Zoom link with us.

Reminder! Every Tuesday at 1:00 PM PDT, we will be working on the SOS site to ensure it is up-to-date. We apologize for any interruptions during this time.

Wishing you a wonderful week of multicraftual making,
School of SweetGeorgia

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