Member Update // Spinning Sheep Breeds, Module Two!

Spinning Sheep Breed white handcombed tunis handspun skein

Spinning Sheep Breeds // Long Wools

The second module of our extensive Spinning Sheep Breeds course is now available! Taught by Rachel Smith, Spinning Sheep Breeds explores various sheep breeds available for hand spinners. Within each class of wool, Rachel talks about what classifies them within that category, some of the uniting characteristics, and reflections about what we can create with these various wool yarns.

Spinning Sheep Breed wensleydale wool locks
Wensleydale wool locks

At the now available Module Two: Long Wools, join Rachel in an exploration of long wools with different fibre preparations, from dyed and undyed, just combed and commercial top.​ Rachel talks about the beauty of the lustre, strength, and the combing of these wools, which would make an incredible lace yarn to work with, either for weaving or for a lacy shawl with big open yarn overs. In the videos, Rachel demonstrates wheel spinning, e-spinner and spindle spinning, also showing how to make a bouclé yarn with the beautiful Teeswater wool!

Click here to join us at Spinning Sheep Breeds and get ready to explore the lovely long wool yarns, very different from what we saw with the fine to medium wools.​ For any questions or to share photos and chat as you work your way through this course, visit us over in the SOS community forums!


Natural Dyeing Study Group

Reminder of our upcoming Natural Dyeing Study Group, starting soon on June 1st! It will be a summer of dyeing with this 10-week study group as together we work through Caitlin ffrench’s lessons and exercises in the new Natural Dyeing Basics course. Prior to the start of the study group, you can also join Caitlin at next week’s Q&A on Zoom session, taking place May 26th!

Click here for more info at our Natural Dyeing Study Group, and then come join in the planning chat fun over at the SOS forums group!


Live Office Hours // May

Our May Live Office Hours session is coming up next week, Thursday, May 27 at 10am PDT! During these monthly one-hour livestream sessions, Felicia sits down to chat about what’s been taking place at the School, sharing a sneak peek of what’s coming soon, and to help answer any fibre arts questions you have. As the livestream is unlisted on YouTube, we’ll send an email out next week with the link, plus it can be found in the SOS Events Calendar.

If you have a fibre arts question you’d like Felicia to chat about in this next Live Office Hours, don’t forget to send your questions in advance to: felicia@sweetgeorgiayarns.com! We love to hear and help with your questions!

Wishing you a colourful week of fibre arts exploration,
School of SweetGeorgia

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