Member Update // Planting a Natural Dye Garden

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Earlier this week, we wrapped up our Natural Dyeing Study Group at the School with a Zoom session together, sharing all of the fabulous colour and fun we’ve enjoyed over the summer. It really has been such an amazing journey, enjoying the magical wonders of natural dyes and sharing them with fellow makers, learning so much along the way.

Now if you’re feeling the same excitement as us about continuing on the natural dye journey, we’re happy to share our latest workshop addition to the School: Plant a Natural Dye Garden! Join in learning to grow your own dye garden and safe wildcrafting natural dye plants with Caitlin ffrench. The range of colours that can be produced with natural dyes has a cohesiveness and harmony that roots us to our environment.

Marigolds in Caitlin's natural dye garden basket

In this course, Caitlin guides you through the basics of planning ahead for your year of colour; either what you will be growing in your garden or wildcrafting from within your land base. In the workshop videos, Caitlin also shares examples of local colour wheels on different fibre bases: grey wool, cotton, superwash wool, and a wool + silk blend.

Click here to learn more at Plant a Natural Dye Garden! Once you’ve begun your natural dye garden journey, please do show us your planning and progress! We’ll be gathering over in the SOS Community Forums as well as sharing our updates on Instagram using #sosplantanaturaldyegarden.

And a reminder that the Natural Dyeing Study Group lessons will continue to remain available for anyone interested in joining the 10-week lesson plan. We’ll also be sharing details soon about our autumn Spinning Study Group, which will officially kick off on September 1st! We’ll be exploring all the tiny decisions that a spinner makes as fibre is transformed into yarn, and how they can affect your outcome. Use this time to spin samples and knit swatches to get to a yarn you love for your project. Find us over at the Spinning Study Group forum!


Live Office Hours // August

Reminder of the next Live Office Hours session taking place on Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 10am PDT. In these monthly livestreams, Felicia helps answer your fibre arts questions plus shares a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re working on at the School! If you have a question or a project you would like Felicia to share as part of the SOS “show & tell”, please post your Live Office Hours questions and projects here in advance.

For the August Live Office Hours session, we’ll once again share a fun giveaway for all the participants that join us. And if you’re interested viewing any previous month’s sessions, they are archived in our Live Office Hours library!

Wishing you a week filled with colour and creativity,
School of SweetGeorgia

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