Member Update // Perfect Fit with Tabetha Hedrick Now Available!

PF Perfect Fit Mirin Tee

New Workshop // Perfect Fit

Welcome to Perfect Fit, the latest workshop release at the School! Taught by SweetGeorgia Design Director Tabetha Hedrick, these fabulous knitting videos help teach everything you need to know to understand and adjust measurements for the perfect sweater fit every time! Ease, schematics, and a little bit of math are about to be your new friends.

Perfect Fit Mirim Tee by Tabetha Hedrick

Perfect Fit Mirim Tee by Tabetha Hedrick

Click here to learn more at Perfect Fit with Tabetha! We’ll keep things short and sweet, and we hope the tips and tricks shared in this workshop will help you get your own perfect sweater fit moving forward. Just take things step-by-step, and know that everything is workable and adjustable in knitting. Also included in the Perfect Fit workshop is Tabetha’s new Mirim Tee pattern download (shown above) – find the download under the Materials tab on the course page!

For any questions as you work your way through the workshop, and to share your own perfect fit project, join us over at the SOS Community Forums HERE!


Recently Released

A quick reminder of the courses recently added to the SOS site, if you haven’t yet checked them out…

Natural Dyeing Basics // Taught by Caitlin ffrench, learn how to use natural dyes with plant and animal based fibres. Join us as we look at how to work with these dyes, and also how to mix colours to get the colours you want!

Spinning Sheep Breeds // Taught by Rachel Smith, this workshop explores various sheep breeds that are available for hand-spinners. Module One: Fine and Medium Wool is available now, with further modules coming soon. For spinners working their way through this course, also check out the Spinning Sheep Breed Kits available as the SweetGeorgia site!

And don’t forget you can always see what’s new and coming soon at our SOS Content Roadmap! You can also catch up with Felicia during the Live Office Hours sessions as she shares a look into what we’re working on, plus helps answer your fibre arts questions! If you have a fibre arts question you would like Felicia to talk about in the May livestream (Save the Date: May 27), send your questions in advance to: felicia@sweetgeorgiayarns.com.

Wishing you a colourful week of fibre arts learning,
School of SweetGeorgia

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