Member Update // Our Lace Mastery Knitting Study Group Starts Today

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Week one and the start of our knitting study group at the School is officially here! We’re so excited to dive in and get started!

Led by Tabetha Hedrick, the eight-week study is broken into two sections for knitters – term A, four weeks of focus on either becoming acquainted with lace knitting as a beginner, or for challenging yourself in your lace knitting. Then term B, the final four weeks of going through the process of designing a triangular lace shawl.

Week one is all about understanding lace and project planning, where we will first start watching some content, choosing a pattern and then gathering our supplies. And then of course, sharing your plans and progress over in the SOS forum group!
Read more at Tabetha’s Week One guidance here »

We hope you’ll join us for either part of the study, or for both! For posts shared on Instagram, please tag us: #sosknittingstudygroup and #schoolofsweetgeorgia!

SOS Scholarship // Introducing Marjoram

There was such a great response in applications for our SOS Scholarship, and we loved reading through all of the submissions. It was inspiring to learn more about each one of the amazing makers, and we sincerely thank everyone for sharing their stories with us.

Marjoram Lynn
Marjoram Lynn

We are absolutely delighted to announce our first SOS Scholarship recipient: Marjoram Lynn! A fibre hobbyist for many years, knitting and crocheting, Marjoram began weaving as self-care, and created some stunning handwoven pieces as part of the recent weaving study group on twills.

You can find more of Marjoram’s work on Instagram at @sageandmarjoram and at their Sage & Marjoram YouTube channel. We can’t wait to see more ourselves, and we hope that the scholarship fund helps you along in your fibre arts journey!

Live Office Hours // Submit Your Questions and Projects

Reminder to save the date for our March Live Office Hours on Thursday, March 31 at 10am PST! If you have a question, or a recent SOS project you’d like Felicia to share during this next livestream, please post your questions and projects in advance!

Wishing you a colourful week of exploring the fibre arts,
School of SweetGeorgia

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