Member Update // New Workshops at the School!

Balls of SweetGeorgia knitting yarn

Today we’re excited to share with you two new courses available here at the School which are both accessible for all of our free and all-access SOS members!

Now Available // Learn to Knit: Five by Five Cowl

Following our first Learn to Knit workshop that teaches the absolute basics of knitting from casting on through to knitting and completing a garter stitch scarf, the next workshop in our Learn to Knit series, Five by Five Cowl, takes your knitting skills to the next level! Taught by Felicia Lo Wong, you will learn more fundamental techniques, including:

  • how to work the purl stitch
  • how to combine knits and purls into ribbing
  • provisional cast on
  • Kitchener stitch to graft two ends together in a very seamless way
  • also, three needle bind off to do a quick, but more visible, seam

Five by Five Cowl Designed by Felicia Lo Wong knit in SweetGeorgia yarns

The project we’ll make in this series is the Five by Five Cowl: a cozy infinity loop cowl made by holding three yarns together (in our example we use 2 fingering weight yarns and a lace weight but you can use whatever you’d wish!). It’s a perfect project to practice these new skills on and have fun playing with texture and colour at the same time! Download the included free pattern and get started!

Click here for our Learn to Knit: Five by Five Cowl workshop! Be sure to join us in the SOS forums and share any questions, chat or photos with us!


Now Available // The Multicraftual Maker

In the past year, we’ve been asking people about what they struggle with most in the fibre arts, and if you knit, spin, weave, or dye, or enjoy any combination of more than one craft, this will resonate with you. There is a unique challenge that affects people who love more than one craft. We want to make all the things, but there is only so much time, money, space, and resources to spread around.

And so we get caught up, feeling overwhelmed and spread thin all the time, while simultaneously also feeling like we’re not getting anything done.

Balls of knitting yarn

Does this sound familiar? It’s exhausting, and there is surely a different way of approaching our creative work in a way that feels more fulfilled, more satisfying, more rich and enjoyable.

Read more about the Multicraftual Maker lessons! In these lessons, Felicia lays out some strategies on how to look at your time, money, space, energy, and focus, and how to best distribute those resources amongst your goals to help reach the deep satisfaction that crafting can bring.


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Wishing you a week filled with colour and creativity,
School of SweetGeorgia

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