Member Update // New Weaving Twills Course and Study Group Details

82104 Weaving Twills 4 Shaft Lo gamp GIST

Join us in exploring the many ways to weave twill fabrics at our latest SOS course release, Weaving Twills on 4-Shafts, taught by Felicia Lo Wong!

Handwoven twill fabrics have a beautiful drape and can showcase a variety of designs with weft yarn floats that create distinctive diagonal lines. The first project in this workshop will be weaving a twill gamp, which is a way for us to experiment with many different variations of twill. And then using the information we learned from making this twill gamp, we’ll design our own project!

82104 Weaving Twills 4 Shaft Lo Twill gamp Gist
Felicia’s Twill Gamp project

In the videos, Felicia makes a series of twill blankets, but you could use the same idea and weave pillows, or a table runner, or a scarf. The twill gamp can be made on a 4-shaft table loom with a 15″ weaving width, and twill blankets on a 4-shaft floor loom with a 45″ weaving width.

82104 Weaving Twills 4 Shaft Lo gist blanket
One of Felicia’s Handwoven Twill Blankets

Learn more at Weaving Twills on 4-Shafts with Felicia! The course materials at this page also include further resources for your twill exploration journey. All of your progress and questions can be posted at the SOS forums, and we’ll be sharing Instagram posts with the tags #sosweavingtwillson4shafts and/or #schoolofsweetgeorgia!


Weaving Study Group

With the Spinning Study Group having now wrapped up, and alongside our new weaving twill course release, we’re happy to also share the details for our next study group plans… join us for a winter of weaving!

In this first SOS weaving study group, we will work on getting started with weaving on 4-shaft looms and work towards weaving our first twill gamp. It all begins on January 6, 2022, but of course everyone is welcome to join our study groups during any time of the year following this as the information will continue to remain available.

Weaving Twills on 4-Shafts
Felicia’s twill gamp in SweetGeorgia BFL+Silk Fine

Find out more at the Weaving Study Group: Twills on Four Shafts! There Felicia also shares some suggestions for things to warm up and get started with before the study group begins!


Live Office Hours

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us online for the October Live Office Hours session! If you missed the livestream, we now have the replay available in the archive library.

Our next Live Office Hours session will take place on Thursday, November 25th at 10am PDT! If you have any fibre arts questions, or a project you would like Felicia to include as part of the SOS livestream, please post your Live Office Hours questions and projects in advance!

Also, a reminder to check out our SOS Events Calendar to find all of the great online meet-ups scheduled for the next month. We’d love to see you and make together online!

Wishing you a week filled with colour and creativity,
School of SweetGeorgia

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