Catwalk Scarf (houndstooth on 4-shaft weaving loom)

Member Update // New Houndstooth Scarves Episode at Handwoven Colour

Now Available // Handwoven Colour: Houndstooth

Houndstooth – a classic pattern that continues to be very modern today. You’ll see it everywhere from scarves and shawls to hats, jackets, pants, and even face masks.

And now available at the School of SweetGeorgia, we’re happy to share the latest episode in the Handwoven Colour series, Houndstooth Scarves! Taught by Felicia Lo Wong, this workshop takes a look at this colour-and-weave effect and how to weave the houndstooth pattern using a rigid heddle loom, a 4-shaft loom, and also an 8-shaft loom.

Catwalk Scarf (houndstooth on 8-shaft weaving loom)
Catwalk Scarf (houndstooth on 8-shaft weaving loom)
Puppytooth Scarf (houndstooth on rigid heddle eaving loom)
Puppytooth Scarf (houndstooth on rigid heddle eaving loom)

In this episode, there are FIVE different houndstooth scarf patterns that you can choose from, depending on what loom you have and what kinds of colours or yarns you would like to use.

Click here to learn more at Handwoven Colour // Houndstooth Scarves and explore colour in weaving with Felicia! For any questions, to join in the chat and to share your weaving photos, we’re over at the Handwoven Colour series forum space here!


New Article // Tapestry Looms

Tapestry instructor Janna Maria Vallee is writing a series of posts all about helping new tapestry weavers find confidence in their work. Janna addresses questions she has seen her students ask… about troubleshooting, offering clarity, or helping out with a creative starting point. These articles hope to offer concrete advice that is actionable on the loom, and to provide detailed photos and illustrations where applicable.

Now available on the site is Janna’s second article, Tapestry Looms, which shares super helpful content about the options available for tapestry looms, the differences of styles, and tips for DIY looms! Click here to read the Tapestry Looms article!


Live Office Hours // March

Our next Live Office Hours session is scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 25 at 10am PST. Save the date and join us for a chat, updates from the school, and to get your fibre arts questions answered by Felicia! If you can’t make it, no worries as we always post the video on the SOS online library afterwards for all members to enjoy – view the archives (including January’s recently posted video) HERE!

If you have a fibre arts question you’d like Felicia to cover in this next Live Office Hours session, please send it in advance to: felicia@sweetgeorgiayarns.com. Thank you for sending in your questions!

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend exploring the fibre arts!