Member Update // All About Colour in our Handwoven Colour Series!

Handwoven Colour Gamp shawl by Felicia Lo

It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas – each weekend is filled with holiday celebrations with colleagues, family, fibre art friends and more, and holiday traditions gleefully fill the hours. The gifts are mostly done, the cards… well, some still need to be written, but it’s been an enjoyable season with plenty of relaxing time making and celebrating among wonderful people. We hope you’ve been enjoying cosy moments with loved ones, and are looking forward to a new year filled with much more of the same!


Now Available // Handwoven Colour: The Colour Gamp

We’re so excited to finally share this with you… the process behind the shawl that’s had us swooning since we first saw peeks of it in photos or in Felicia’s Taking Back Friday vlog. Welcome you to our new series as we begin the wonderful exploration of Handwoven Colour!

The focus of this ongoing series will be working with colour, and incorporating hand-painted and hand-dyed yarns into our handwoven pieces, making projects each step of the way. This series of explorations will also happen alongside other weaving and dyeing courses and workshops on the School of SweetGeorgia. Following workshops on how to weave a plain weave scarf on a rigid heddle loom and how to set up and weave some simple plain weave and twill weave structures on a multi-shaft loom, this first episode focuses on plain weave and creating your first colour gamp.

Colour Gamp shawl by Felicia Lo

The colour gamp is designed to allow you to see how colours mix and blend together, and that real depth and richness can be made when you overlap colours from seemingly opposite sides of the colour wheel. As in Felicia’s Colour Gamp shawl, how the golden, rusty oranges mixed with the purples produces a beautiful depth and richness in these colours.

Join us in exploring Handwoven Colour in this first Colour Gamp episode! Ask any questions and share your work with us in the SOS community, here, plus stay tuned for more episodes coming in the new year as we further explore handwoven colour fun with optical mixing and gradients.


Live Office Hours // Next session in 2020!

As we celebrate the holiday season, we will not have our monthly Live Office Hours in December. If you would like to take this time to catch up on any of our previous sessions, they are archived in the SOS library at the following link: www.schoolofsweetgeorgia.com/category/live-office-hours/


Recent Student Works

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We’d love to see what you’re working on! Don’t forget to check out the forums to ask any questions and post your current WIPs, or tag us on Instagram at @schoolofsweetgeorgia or #schoolofsweetgeorgia!

Wishing you a colourful, fibre-filled weekend,

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