Member Update // New Colour & Fibre Play Course with Diana Twiss!

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New Course // Colour & Fibre Play

Let the vibrant rainbow of colours lead you into a magical world of fibre play! Now available at the School, the new Colour & Fibre Play workshop taught by Diana Twiss is all about colour, fibre blending and having fun! Harnessing the power of play, you will explore colour combinations and fibre blends using different blending tools.

In this workshop, Diana covers an overview of colour theory, how to use & prep fibre with a number of fibre tools, how to prep for spinning your batts and rolags or dizzed fibre, inspiration pieces and more!

C&FP Twiss rolags rainbow

Join Diana at Colour & Fibre Play and learn more about Diana’s colour and blending tips discovered on her own creative journey. All of the questions, photos and chat for this workshop can be found in the SOS Community Forums.

Also available for order from the SweetGeorgia site is the new Colour & Fibre Play Kits! Play with this kit, together with the Spinning Mix-Ins Kit, to create the samples shown in the course. From black starry night fizzed fibre to a full group of rainbows ready to be spun into unique yarns! (Don’t forget to check the “Materials” tab on the course page for discount codes and other helpful resources!)


Natural Dyeing Study Group

We can’t believe we’re already halfway through our Natural Dyeing Study Group! We’ve prepped, scoured, mordanted and had fun working on our fist colour dyeing last week – yellows.

As Felicia shares in the week five update, this week’s theme is about dyeing reds… so you might choose lac, madder, or cochineal to play with this week. There are plenty of experiments you can do with each of these dye colours and we encourage you to explore other resources for ideas.

With taking advantage of the extreme heat wave and experimenting with solar dyeing Cochineal, trying two different kinds of Lac and the differing results between them as well as playing with Madder, read more at Felicia’s Week Five update!

Reminder as well to register for our Zoom presentation on July 21st with Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors – Indigo Dyeing!


Live Office Hours // July

Thank you to everyone for joining us at our SOS livestream last week! If you missed it, it is now available for viewing our Live Office Hours library.

Save the date for our next month’s livestream session, scheduled for July 29, 2021 at 10am PDT! During these sessions, Felicia sits down to help answer questions and share what’s new and coming soon to the School. We’d love to hear of any fibre arts questions you may have – if you would like to submit a question or a “show & tell” project for this livestream, please post your questions here!

NOTE: Our School of SweetGeorgia mobile app is temporarily unavailable. We are working on getting it back up and running as soon as possible and thank you for your understanding as we work on getting this fixed!

Wishing you a colourful week of fibre arts exploration,
School of SweetGeorgiaColour

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