Member Update // New Clasped Warp & Weft Course

learn to weave 82103 CWWRH rigid heddle clasped weft bobbin Amanda Wood

We’re so excited to share with you to our newest weaving workshop, which introduces new ways of working with a rigid heddle loom: Clasped Warp & Weft on Rigid Heddle, taught by Amanda Wood!

The rigid heddle is a wonderful tool for weaving small projects like scarves and cowls, and in this new course, we explore two-colour interlocking projects to create two very different scarf projects.

82103 CWWRH rigid heddle clasped weft cherry blossoms scarf Wood

82103 CWWRH rigid heddle cherry blossoms cowl Wood

Interlocking, clasping two yarns of different colours around each other and using them as one, allows us to shift colours, texture and pattern in both the warp and weft in new ways. It’s like freestyle drawing with our yarn. Interlocking in the warp allows a fluid, organic colour shift, and interlocking in the weft can create a more structured, graphic contrast and transition between two colours.

Join in and learn more at Clasped Warp & Weft on Rigid Heddle! And for any questions, or to share your weaving progress with Amanda, visit us at the SOS community forums!


Spinning Study Group // Week Seven

Week seven of our SOS Spinning Study Group is here, and this week we’re working on rewinding singles and plying through the rings. Throughout the study group, we’ve seen how small changes on our fibre prep and spinning singles has changed the quality of the yarns we can get. This week, we’ll focus on making the plying as smooth as possible.

SSG Plying through the rings setup matchless Cornejo

Read more at Greta’s week seven update and then please share your progress with us at over at the forum group! It’s so great to read and follow along everyone’s amazing spinning work!


Live Office Hours // October

Our next Live Office Hours session is scheduled for Thursday, October 28th at 10am PDT! If you have any fibre arts questions, or a project you would like Felicia to include as part of the SOS livestream, please post your Live Office Hours questions and projects in advance. We look forward to seeing you online at the end of the month!

Wishing you a week filled with colour and creativity,
School of SweetGeorgia

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