Natural Dyeing basics NDB hanging yarn skeins

Member Update // Natural Dyeing with Caitlin ffrench + New Spinning Kits

New Course // Natural Dyeing Basics

We are so excited to share with you today, and to welcome to the School, local dyer and artist Caitlin ffrench, teaching our latest SOS course addition, Natural Dyeing Basics!

With 17 years of natural dyeing experience, Caitlin teaches how to use natural dyes with plant and animal based fibres — how to scour, mordant and dye them, and the best dyeing practices for your home or studio. Natural dyeing examples are shown on different fibres, including: superwash wool, cotton, plus a wool and silk blend so you can see how the colours work with different fibres. We will also learn how natural dyes are similar or different from the acid dyes you might already be familiar with.

Natural Dyeing basics NDB yarn skeins

The range of colours that can be produced with natural dyes has a cohesiveness and harmony that roots us to our environment. Join us as we look at how to work with these dyes, and also how to mix colours to get the colours wanted.

Natural Dyeing basics NDB colour wheel

Click here to learn more at Natural Dyeing Basics and enjoy playing with colour! If you have any questions, you can reach out to Caitlin in the SOS community forums. And be sure to also share your results with us there – we would love to see what you’ve made on your natural dye journey!


Now Available // Spinning Sheep Breeds Kits

Following last week’s Spinning Sheep Breeds course release, we’ve put together new kits for spinners to practice with as you work your way through the course videos – new Spinning Sheep Breed Kits!

Spinning Sheep Breed wool locks

With each spinning sheep breed kit, you will have the opportunity to sample 3 beautifully prepared tops. Spin as is or play with your fibre prep tools to sample different preparations. With 6 oz total, you will have enough to make a small project.

Four kit options are available:

  • Fine & Medium Wools
  • Long Wools
  • Down & Down-like Wools
  • Primitive Double Wools

Click here to shop the Spinning Sheep Breed Kits now available for order at the SweetGeorgia site!

Wishing you a colourful week of fibre arts learning,
School of SweetGeorgia

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