Member Update // Magic in the Water: Wet Finishing for Weaving

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Arriving to the School with perfect timing as our weaving study group will soon be wrapping up, we’re delighted to share our latest course: Magic in the Water: Wet Finishing for Weaving, taught by master weaver Laura Fry!

Wet finishing is the term used for the very first time that a web of interlaced threads is introduced to water and the transformation that it undergoes. No matter if the initial transformation is subtle or dramatic, it will change that first time. It’s pretty magical!

In the course videos, Laura talks about what wet finishing is and the various ways to apply the process to your handwovens. The final step in bringing your individually interlaced threads into real cloth, we’ll look at working with wool and how to full things, brushing a nap, and explore what happens when you change things like your density, weave structure, and how much you full your wool and how that affects the end product.

Join us over at the course page, and for any questions and chat, you can find it over in the SOS forums!

Weaving Study Group // Week Seven

In this week’s update at the Weaving Study Group: Twills on 4-Shafts, we look at the question: what is it that makes a good cloth. We’ve been working through all of these weeks, working with sett, trying to figure out the right yarn, and how to get a beautiful, perfectly balanced weave. Now at the end of the day, is that what makes good cloth?
See more at Felicia’s Week Seven update video here »

With the end of the study group coming up soon, all of the posts and chat are taking place at forums group and on Instagram under: #sosweavingstudygroup and #schoolofsweetgeorgia!

Live Office Hours // Submit Your Questions and Projects

Our February Live Office Hours will already be here next week, taking place Thursday, February 24 at 10am PST! Join Felicia for the one hour livestream, sharing what we’ve been working on at the School, plus to help with answering your fibre arts questions.

Reminder that if you have a question, or a recent SOS project you’d like Felicia to share during the livestream, please post your questions and projects in advance!

SOS Artisan Aprons

Place your pre-order today for our new SOS Artisan Aprons! All profits from the apron orders go towards funding the new School of SweetGeorgia Scholarship. The more we sell, the bigger this scholarship fund becomes and the more fibre artists and creators we can support! Scholarship info at Felicia’s vlog episode here »

Wishing you a colourful week of fibre arts fun,
School of SweetGeorgia

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