Member Update // Knit with Us! New Short Row Workshop!

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Join us in going beyond the wrap and turn, exploring the incredible world of short rows in our latest knitting course: Beyond the W&T: Four Short Row Variations!

Most of us have our first short row experience with the wrap and turn, but this may not necessarily be the best choice for every project. They can distort stockinette stitch or interrupt stripes (among other things), and some knitters just don’t enjoy working it.

In this course, learn from knitwear designer, Ruth Nguyen, four alternatives to the wrap and turn: Yarn over short rows, Twin stitch short rows, Japanese short rows and German short rows. 

Also included are tips and tricks on substituting short row styles in your projects, or when the W&T can be an ideal choice.

We hope you’ll join us! Find the chat and question area over in the SOS forums, and then posts shared on Instagram at: #sosknitting and #schoolofsweetgeorgia!

Knitting Study Group: Lace Mastery // Week Two

Week two at our Knitting Study Group: Lace Mastery has now begun, and it’s time to start swatching!

This week, along with Tabetha’s suggested lesson content and helpful notes from Robyn, we’ll choose the chart we want to swatch and start practicing knitting those lace stitches. You can also go through the videos copying the different stitches shown in the tutorials. There is nothing like actually doing the work! 
Read more at Tabetha’s Week Two guidance here »

Live Office Hours // Submit Your Questions and Projects

Our March Live Office Hours are coming up next week on Thursday, March 31 at 10am PDT! Reminder that if you have a question, or a recent SOS project you’d like Felicia to share during this livestream, please post your questions and projects in advance!

Wishing you a colourful week exploring the fibre arts,
School of SweetGeorgia

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