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Dyeing spinning fibres coming soon
Dyeing Large Amounts of fibre

The lesson videos are now live for our latest SOS course release… join instructor Charlotte Lee for the new Dyeing Large Amounts of Fibre​ course! Whether you’re looking to dye small or bulk quantities, this course teaches all of the steps needed to prep, manage, and apply beautiful hues of hand-dyed colour to your fibre.

Hand dyed fibre part of the Dyeing Large Amounts of Fibre online course

Throughout the course you will learn: soaking fibre, hand-painting, low water immersion, applying dyes, stovetop and oven dyeing, dye disposal and more. The fibre used in the lesson demonstrations are undyed spinning fibres from the SweetGeorgia shop. If your dyeing journey is just beginning, we recommend you start with Dyeing Intentional Colour​ as a background in dyeing will be needed for this course.

We can’t wait to see all the fibre you dye up! Will you spin it? Felt it? Please share everything in the Community Forums​ and keep the fibre conversion going! You can also share with us on Instagram using #schoolofsweetgeorgia and #sosdyeing. 

Stash-Busting Handspun Scrap Yarns on The Rigid Heddle Loom

by Debbie Held

Want a sure-fire way to use up those precious scraps of handspun yarn, without investing dozens of hours into pattern scrolling? Get yourself a rigid heddle loom and a variable-dent reed.

Tips For Stash-Busting Handspun Scrap Yarns on The Rigid Heddle Loom

The reasons are many, including the fact that weaving takes way less yardage than you may think, and that the variable dent allows for combining multiple weights of yarn in one warp. You can get as creative as you want, combining various handspun scraps together, or alternating them with commercial scraps in a repeating or freestyle sequence. If you’re more of a “wing it” rigid heddle weaver like me, go free-form style​.

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Upcoming Meetups & Events

Fun and casual conversations about multicraftual making…

  • Live Office Hours with FeliciaMay 25, 10:00 AM PDT // Coming up next week already, join us for our May Live Office Hours! If you have a fibre arts question or SOS project you would like shared during the session, please be sure to submit your questions and projects in advance.
  • Studio Sessions with FeliciaMay 26, 1:00 PM PDT // Virtual co-working (or co-crafting) session with quiet, focused time for deep work. Join in the co-working Zoom room and use the time to focus on your own projects.
  • Knit Meetup with RobynMay 29, 10:00 AM PDT // Bring along any fibre craft project and come enjoy the fun chat on Zoom.
  • Sheep, Shepherd & Land with AnnaJune 7, 12:00 PM PDT // Join us for a talk with Anna Hunter, author of the book: “Sheep, Shepherd & Land: Stories of Sheep Farmers reinvigorating Canadian Wool” and Long Way Homestead owner where we will talk about her new book, how to start exploring locally raised wool and what you might learn from it.

Reminder! Every Tuesday, starting at 1:00 PM PDT for 1-2 hours, we will be working on the SOS site to ensure it is up-to-date. We apologize for any downtime or interruptions you experience during this time.

Wishing you a wonderful week of multicraftual making,
School of SweetGeorgia

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