Member Update // Join in a Journey of Colour with Eco Printing!

42201 Eco printing

Fitting perfectly in with our excitement for garden planning and fresh new spring colours bursting from the earth, we are so delighted to share our latest course addition to the School: Eco Printing with Caitlin ffrench!

With eco printing or contact printing, we’ll learn about different methods of getting dye stuff, whether it be wildcrafted, homegrown or store bought, to make prints onto fabric, yarn and knitted items. Whether it’s a blank sock yarn blank you’re going to print and then knit or crochet from, or perhaps a finished object you’ve already made and will then dye, you’ll learn all the steps and tools needed to begin the beauty of eco printing!

As with every other way, you need to scour and mordant your fibres so that they will be clean and ready to dye, which steps can be found in Caitlin’s Natural Dyeing Basics course.

We’d love to see what you make – questions, progress and chat can all take place over in the SOS forums, and then tag any Instagram posts with #sosnaturaldyeing!

Knitting Study Group // Week Four

We’re starting the final week of Track A of our Knitting Study Group: Lace Mastery, continuing working on our lace projects to get ready for the final four weeks where we’ll talk about designing our own lace shawl projects!

52207SG lifeline Robyn

This week, we’re learning about fixing mistakes in lace. With lesson help from Tabetha’s Become a Lace Knitter course, Robyn also shares the importance of placing lifelines in your work… “like the insurance you hope you will not have to cash in but are soooo grateful if you do”! 
Read more at the Week Four guidance here »

Live Office Hours

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our last week’s livestream for March! It’s always so wonderful to see everyone in the live chat during the session. If you missed it, we’ll soon have the replay available in the Live Office Hours archive

Also, save the date for our April Live Office Hours session, which will take place one week earlier than usual, scheduled for Thursday, April 21 at 10am PDT! For this session, if you have a question or a recent SOS project you’d like Felicia to share, please post your questions and projects in advance!

Wishing you a colourful week exploring the fibre arts,
School of SweetGeorgia

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