Member Update // Exploring Primitive & Double Coated Wools at Spinning Sheep Breeds!

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Spinning Sheep Breeds // Exploring Primitive & Double Coated Wools

New at the School this week, we’re excited to share with you the final modules of the Spinning Sheep Breeds course taught by Rachel Smith! Exploring various sheep breeds available for spinners, Spinning Sheep Breeds looks at these wools broken into their different classifications, showing how to spin these wools and exploring the best uses for their handspun yarns.

Now available are Modules Four & Five: Primitive and Double Coated Wools & Conclusion! As Rachel mentions in these new lessons, double coated wools have a completely untapped wealth of spinning knowledge to teach us – we just have to be willing to listen. These wools are incredibly diverse and able to do so many things, from fine baby sweaters, to outerwear, rugs and tapestries, to rope. We will also talk about ideas for organizing your samples in the final conclusion videos.

sheep breed shetland primitive smith

Click here for Spinning Sheep Breeds with Rachel and dive into the world of primitive breeds such as Shetland, Icelandic, Jacob or others. They may be different from what you are used to working with, so take your time. You can always ask any questions over in the SOS community forums – we’d love to hear from you there!

A reminder of the Spinning Sheep Breed Kits available at the SweetGeorgia site, to sample working with some of the different wools covered in this course. And we hope you join us for 9 weeks of spinning as we work through weekly lesson plans together at the Spinning Study Group. We will be kicking off on September 1st – we hope to see you there!


New Knitting Tutorials

Released alongside the SweetGeorgia Quiet Bay Mystery Knit-Along pattern, we have four new knitting tutorials now available for all SOS members:

Taught by Ruth Nguyen, this year’s MKAL designer, these tutorials are sure to be helpful for a variety of knitting projects!


Back to School Special

Our annual School of SweetGeorgia special is back! Available until the end of September, use the code: BACKTOSCHOOL2021 for 15% off our quarterly and annual memberships. It’s an excellent time to lock in savings for your fibre arts learning journey ahead. Find more info about the subscription plans available here!

Wishing you a week filled with colour and creativity,
School of SweetGeorgia

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