Member Update // Exploring Down Wools at Spinning Sheep Breeds!

Spinning Sheep Breed blue orange Dorset lace garter shawl handspun skein

Spinning Sheep Breeds // Exploring Down Wools

We’re happy to share with SOS members a new module at the fabulous Spinning Sheep Breeds class! Taught by Rachel Smith, Spinning Sheep Breeds explores various sheep breeds available for hand spinners. Exploring the differences between wools classified as: fine, medium, long, down and primitive, each module shows how to spin the wools in these different classes and explores uses for the yarns we make from various wools – inspiring you to use your own handspun in projects suited for these yarns.

Now available at the School is Module Three: Down and Down-like Wools! Down wools are like the untapped secret of the spinning world – they are amazing! Resistant to felting, bouncy and springy, these yarns are hard-wearing and are really fun to spin. They have good bulk, meaning their locks bounce back after being squished down in your hands, and they are carded and spun in a variety of ways to enhance that bounce and spring.

Spinning Sheep Breed White Clun forest handspun skein

Click here for Spinning Sheep Breeds with Rachel and begin your exploration into the lofty, bouncy yarns of down wools! Don’t forget you can also ask any questions and share photos of your own sheep breed exploration over in the SOS community forums. – we’d love to hear from you there!


Natural Dyeing Study Group // Week Eight

It’s been an amazing journey of learning and experimenting in the colourful world of natural dyeing at the SOS Natural Dyeing Study Group. We’re in week eight of the study group which takes a look at handpainting with natural dyes.

Handpainting with Fustic, Logwood, and Cochineal

In this update, Felicia talks about and shares her own handpainting experiment using two sock blanks and fustic, logwood and cochineal. It’s magical to see the logwood shift from a rusty orange to dark purple as it’s applied – watch Felicia’s video at the Handpainting with Natural Dyes update! You can also find all of the latest study group chat over at the SOS forums group!


Live Office Hours // July

Taking place next week, don’t forget to submit your fibre arts questions and “show & tell” projects in advance for the next Live Office Hours session July 29, 2021 at 10am PDT! In this one-hour livestream, Felicia will help answer these questions plus share some behind-the-scenes info about what’s taking place at the School. Post your Live Office Hours questions and projects here! We’ll also be sharing a fun giveaway once again for all of the participants who join us during the livestream – more details to come next week!

If you are interested in checking out our previous SOS livestream sessions, check out the Live Office Hours library.

Wishing you a week filled with colour and creativity,
School of SweetGeorgia

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Member Update // Spinning Sheep Breeds Module One Now Available!

In this week’s update, we’re excited to share a new, extensive spinning course with you – Spinning Sheep Breeds, taught by Rachel Smith! This course explores various sheep breeds available to spinners, and in the course Rachel talks about what classifies them within each category, reflections about the yarns we can create with these various wools and the uses for these yarns. ​This week we also want to share an updated discount code for SOS members shopping at the SweetGeorgia shop.