Member Update // Dip Your Toes into the Waters of Brioche Knitting!

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Brioche has an undeserved reputation in the knitting community for being very difficult and fiddly, especially if you make a mistake. With our new knitting workshop, Fixing Brioche Mistakes, taught by Matt Akers, you will learn how to confidently fix common mistakes that can occur in brioche knitting, so that when you come across one of them in the wild, you’ll have the confidence to fix them without a second thought.

Throughout the videos, you’ll learn about the anatomy of the brioche stitch, casting on, increases and decreases (both English and continental), how to tink back, lifelines, picking up and fixing dropped stitches and more. Plus, included in the course is Matt’s Total Brioche two colour hat pattern, which is a perfect way to dip your toes into the waters of brioche!

Questions and chat are all taking place over in the SOS forums, and we’d love for you to tag us in your brioche project photos on Instagram – use #sosknitting and #schoolofsweetgeorgia!

Weaving Study Group // Week Six

Week six at the Weaving Study Group: Twills on 4-Shafts starts today, and this week we’re tying onto old warps. You may or may not be ready to weave your next project, and that’s totally okay. This week, Felicia is demonstrating a technique for tying onto old warps using a method that was described to her by Laura Fry.
Watch Felicia’s Week Six video update here »

Don’t forget to also join us over in the SOS forums group to share your project plans, goals and progress, plus to join in all of the study group chat! And we’re tagging our Instagram posts with #sosweavingstudygroup and #schoolofsweetgeorgia!

Looking Ahead + Coming Soon

We’ve updated our Content Roadmap page! Take a look at all of the exciting new content we’re writing, filming, and getting ready to share with you at the School. If you have a suggestion for a workshop you’d like to see, reach out to us with your ideas!

Also, check out the SOS Events Calendar to find all of our upcoming online events, which includes the coming soon:

Wishing you a colourful week of fibre arts fun,
School of SweetGeorgia

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