Member Update // Custom Toe-Up Socks with Tabetha

toe up sock materials Tabetha Hedrick

It’s a month long Socktober celebration over at SweetGeorgia, and there couldn’t be a better time to share with you our newest course release at the School – Custom Toe-Up Socks!

Taught by Tabetha Hedrick, learn step by step everything you need to know about knitting toe-up socks using any yarn and for any size foot. Sock knitting is fun and so easily portable – whether you are knitting socks for the first time, or would like to learn more about toe-up techniques and making a pair of perfectly fitting socks, then this is the course for you.

toe up sock Peninsula Nance Tabetha Hedrick

In the workshop you’ll learn:

  • taking measurements and how to calculate the numbers to get a perfect fitting sock.
  • sock anatomy and how to knit a faux circular gauge swatch.
  • Judy’s Magic Cast On technique.
  • how to shape the toe, work gusset increases and knit a short row heel.
  • how to work an elastic bind off, and so much more! 

Join in over at Custom Toe-Up Socks with Tabetha! Once you get the sock bug, it never lets go!

For any questions, fun sock knitting chat and photo sharing, come visit us in the SOS community forums! Plus, tag us on Instagram using #soscustomtoeupsocks and #schoolofsweetgeorgia!


Spinning Study Group // Week Six

We’re over halfway through the SOS Spinning Study Group, and this week’s topic is: Woolen Draft Sampling.

Now that you have your woolen prep samples from last week, for week six, we’re spinning enough singles for a larger 1 oz/30 g sample. (If your study group project is worsted spun, you can take this week’s opportunity to catch up.) Spinning a larger amount of singles, while keeping your sample card at hand, will help you check if you can use the draft you chose in a consistent way, to spin your singles for a larger project.

Spinning Study Group woolen samples fibre Cornejo

Read more at Greta’s week six update and then come and share your progress with us at over at the forum group!


Live Office Hours // October

Thank you to everyone who joined in our last week’s livestream session – it was great to see so many of you online! For anyone who missed it, you can now view the replay over in our SOS Live Office Hours library.

Save the date for our next Live Office Hours session, scheduled for Thursday, October 28th at 10am PDT! And, as always, if you have a fibre arts question or project you would like Felicia to include as part of the SOS livestream, please
post your Live Office Hours questions and projects in advance!

Wishing you a week filled with colour and creativity,
School of SweetGeorgia

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