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Every month, Felicia hosts a livestream event for the School of SweetGeorgia. You can check our Calendar of Events to see when the next scheduled livestream will happen.

Watch the livestream on this page when it happens. If you want to join the live chat, you’ll need to watch from your YouTube or Twitch account.

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Our most recent Live Office Hours sessions where you have the opportunity to ask questions about knitting, spinning, dyeing, and weaving, and have them answered live during the call.

42202SG low immersion
Felicia Lo

Live Office Hours// July 2022

In this month’s Live Office Hours, Felicia talks about the Acid Dye Study group for SOS plus more colour blending adventures, community participation and more!

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Dyeing Yarn with Acid Dyes
Felicia Lo

Live Office Hours // June 2022

In this month’s Live Office Hours, Felicia talks about upcoming courses,  recently released courses, upcoming Study Groups to SOS: Acid Dyeing & Rigid Heddle, upcoming Live Lecture with Laura Fry, Community Participation and much more!

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Tapestry weaving
Felicia Lo

Live Office Hours // May 2022

In May’s Live Office Hours, Felicia talks about the Lace Mastery Knitting and Tapestry Study Groups. She also shares details about her Double Width course planning, community participation, and much more!

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Frame Loom Tapestry Weaving by Felicia Lo Wong
Felicia Lo

Live Office Hours // April 24, 2019

We talked about dyeing full skeins from samples, switching dye brands, dyeing very pale pastels, re-skeining yarns for photography, and developing style and aesthetics when it comes to photographing your hand-dyed yarns

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