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Every month, Felicia hosts a couple of livestream events for the School of SweetGeorgia. You can check our Calendar of Events to see when the next scheduled livestream will happen.

Watch the livestream on this page when it happens, or on YouTube or Twitch if you prefer.

If you want to join the live chat, you'll need to watch from your YouTube or Twitch account.

If you miss the livestream, don't worry, we will always archive the videos here in the SOS Library for ever and ever for all our members. Thanks for joining us!

Live Office Hours

Our most recent Live Office Hours sessions where you have the opportunity to ask questions about knitting, spinning, dyeing, and weaving, and have them answered live during the call

Organizing dye samples

Live Office Hours // July 25, 2019

https://vimeo.com/351518558 In this month’s Live Office Hours, Felicia discusses the following: Weaving Loom Questions  04:40 – 22:28 Managing Dye Samples  22:28 – 29:05 Shibori Dyeing 29:05 – 34:30 Fibre Reactive Dyes – Low Water Immersion  34:30 – 40:57 Upcoming Fall Content Schedule  40:57 – 48:52 Your Recent Work! 48:52 – 54:34 Felicia also chatted about Janna Maria […]

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Handwoven Blanket

Live Office Hours // June 27, 2019

https://vimeo.com/344921739 In this month’s Live Office Hours, Felicia discusses the following: Check In  00:00 – 11:27 Blanket Update  11:27 – 20:15 Epic Cloth Update 20:15 – 26:35 Discussion Forum  26:35 – 29:40 Pace and Progression  29:40 – 35:35 Upcoming SOS Content 35:35 – 42:08 Student Question: Different Heating Sources for Dyeing  42:08 – 50:25 Download […]

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Colour Field Scarf

Live Office Hours // May 30 2019

https://vimeo.com/339410004 In this month’s Live Office Hours, Felicia discusses the following student questions: Dyeing – Planning for continuous colourways Dyeing – What order to apply colours Dyeing – Citric acid use Rigid Heddle Weaving – Showing finished scarves Rigid Heddle Weaving – Using a fringe twister Plus a preview of our upcoming Fibre Reactive Dyes […]

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Crafternoon Live

Catch our casual livestream in the craft attic where some knitting, spinning, or weaving is going on

Crafternoon Live // February 15, 2019

https://vimeo.com/317578035 In today’s Crafternoon Live, I demonstrate how I create visual mockups for colour in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Google Sheets. These are techniques that I use for project planning in both stranded colourwork knitting projects as well as weaving projects. Download the transcript for this video here » This content is only available […]

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School of SweetGeorgia

SweetGeorgia is building an online school for colour and craft. We are making video-based fibre arts workshops and courses and we have only just begun.