Frame Loom Tapestry Weaving by Felicia Lo Wong

Live Office Hours // April 24, 2019

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In this past week’s livestream session, we answered several questions about dyeing full skeins from samples, switching dye brands, dyeing very pale pastels, and preparing skeins for photography. We also talked about developing style and aesthetics when it comes to photographing your hand-dyed yarns. And of course, we talked about some dummy warp questions that were brought up in the chat.

Mentioned in this session:

  • Greetings and Overview 00:00 – 05:08
  • Dyeing full skeins from samples 05:08 – 10:31
  • Dilutions for dyeing pale pastels 10:31 – 21:54
  • Switching dye brands 21:54 – 30:55
  • Reskein or not to reskein 30:55 – 38:03
  • Developing style & aesthetic in photography 38:03 – 41:45
  • Dummy warps 41:45 – 46:52
  • Upcoming content 46:52 – 55:54

This is the Instagram account I mentioned in the discussion about consistent branding in your work: https://www.instagram.com/tipsytessie/

Lots of great conversations are happening in the forums and they help trigger the topics that we discuss in the livestream. Keep ’em coming!

Have a great month and see you in May!

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