Fundamentals to Finishing Knits with Holli Yeoh

Live Office Hours // April 21, 2022

In this month’s Live Office Hours, Felicia talks about Actual and Upcoming Study Groups for SOS: Lace Mastery Knitting Study Group, and Tapestry Study Group. Felicia shares the 2 classes available now at the school: Fundamentals to Finishing Knits and Eco-printing. She also shares what is going on at the school, community participation and much more!

  • Welcome 00:00- 02:11
  • Fundamentals to Finishing Knits Course 02:11- 05:27
  • Eco-printing with Natural Dyes Course 05:27- 08:31 
  • Colour & Fibre Play 2 Course 08:31- 09:29
  • Fundamentals of Weaving 09:29- 14:17
  • Lace Mastery Knitting Study Group 14:17- 15:34
  • Tapestry Study Group 15:34- 21:22
  • Community Events 21:22- 23:10
  • Dyed by Heather S. 23:10- 25:20
  • Selling Handspun Yarn 25:20- 28:14
  • Spun by Melanie B. 28:14- 30:07
  • Weaving by Willow R. 30:07- 34:40
  • Final comments 34:40- end

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Download the transcript for this video here » 

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