Spin to Knit Socks with Rachel Smith on The School of SweetGeorgia


Discover how to create your favourite pair of hand-spun socks from being able to spin your own yarns. Understand the ‘default’ yarn and twist different yarn structures and their benefits, colour management, grist and how to keep your plies consistent; Every process you need to make an amazing pair of socks!

Spinning From Scratch

Spinning From Scratch

1 hr 43 min |  14 lessons
  • Learn to spin a continuous yarn using your spinning wheel.
  • Learn to make a simple, traditional 2-ply yarn and finish that yarn in preparation for knitting or weaving, or whatever you might like to do with it.
  • Understand that multiple variables affect the characteristics of your finished yarn. We’ll talk about the main variables that affect your handspun like what makes a thin or thick yarn, what makes a soft and smooth yarn, what makes a lofty yarn or a sleek and slinky yarn, and more.
Spinning up a Level

Spinning Up a Level

3 hr 58 min |  37 lessons
  • Explore how you can begin to go from a beginner spinner to a spinner that can plan the exact kind of yarn they want to spin for a specific project.
  • Discover various techniques of fibre choices, fibre preparation, drafting, plying, and finishing to achieve the hand-spun yarn of your dreams.
Spin to Knit Socks

Spin to Knit Socks

2 hr 29 min |  8 lessons
  • Understand 'default’ yarn and twist, different yarn structures and their benefits.
  • Understand the colour management.
  • Learn about grist and how to keep your plies consistent.