Centred Double Decrease in Knitting


From reading the pattern and swatching, to knitting through finishing, learn how to knit your first project from step by step! 

Learn to Knit: First Scarf

Learn to Knit: First Scarf

36 min | 9 lessons
  • Discover how to get the stitches onto the needle using the long tail cast on.
  • Working the basic knit stitch.
  • Learn how to bind off, finishing your knitted project.
Five By Five Cowl

Five By Five Cowl

48 min | 8 lessons
  • Learn how to work the purl stitch.
  • Find out how to combine knits and purls into ribbing.
  • Learn how to do a provisional cast on.
  • Discover to work a Kitchener stitch to graft two ends together in a very seamless way.
  • Go over the three needle bind off to do a quick, but more visible, seam.
Mastering Gauge

Mastering Gauge

36 min | 19 lessons
  • Learn the best methods for creating a gauge swatch, master the sure-fire ways of measuring, and above all, learn all the tips and tricks you need to ensure that your knitting comes out perfect every single time.
  • Go over how to wash and block your swatches (and projects), as well as how the different fibres react to the various stitches, techniques, and tools available.
  • Get the exclusive hat pattern featured in this workshop
  • Completed “Mastering Gauge” course
Knitting with Hand-Dyed Colour

Knitting with Hand-Dyed Colour

2 hr 5 min | 17 lessons
  • Recognize essential colour theory vocabulary, like hue, saturation, value, and temperature.
  • Learn what traditional colour combinations and colour harmonies are.
  • Expand and morph those colour combinations into different and unique palettes
  • Explore how to apply our colour combinations to knitting specifically, but these same considerations can be made for any other craft you are doing, whether it’s weaving or crochet or quilting.
  • Gain confidence to pick up any skein of yarn in any colour and have an idea of what you would combine with it and why.
  • Be inspired to look at a knitting pattern and envision what colours you would use for it and why.
Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

15 min | 6 lessons
  • Learn how you can choose the right size to knit a sweater that fits.
  • Learn about ease, schematics, adjustments.
Knit Your First Sweater

Knit Your First Sweater

1 hr 31 min | 21 lessons
  • Walks through the entire process of knitting your first sweater.
  • Learn from reading the pattern and swatching to knitting through finishing.
  • Work through the included pattern, Flannery, a raglan sweater, together, and by the time we’re done, you’ll learn all the special tips and tricks needed to make just about any sweater you can dream up.
Cables 101

Cable 101

57 min | 17 lessons
  • Understand what a cable is, the tools you’ll need to achieve cable success, and how to read cable abbreviations and cable charts.
  • Learn how to knit 3, 4, and 5 stitch cables, how to knit without a cable needle, and how to fix cable mistakes.
Modern Colourwork Knitting

Modern Colourwork Knitting

2 hr 2 min | 18 lessons
  • Correcting some common misconceptions about colourwork knitting. For example: not all colourwork is fair isle and not all colourwork is stranded.
  • Special considerations while using hand-dyed yarns in colourwork projects
  • Special considerations while using Superwash yarns in colourwork projects and how steeking works
  • Discussing colour dominance and how it affects your colourwork project
Become a Lace Knitter

Become a Lace Knitter

31 min | 16 lessons
  • In this course, Tabetha Hedrick brings you right to the basics of lace so that it’s not overwhelming. In fact lace is really approachable and when we’re done, you’re going to have a whole new world of light, beautiful fabrics to explore.