Natural Dyeing basics NDB yarn skeins


Join in learning all about the basics of natural dyeing! You'll be guided through all the steps of natural dyeing from working with the dye materials to mixing colours to handpainting yarns and fibres using natural dyes.

Natural Dyeing Basics

Natural Dyeing Basics

3 hr 39 min  |  31 lessons
  • Understand some of the history of natural dyes.
  • Discover how to scour and mordant plant and animal based fibres.
  • Learn how to prepare your natural dye pots and the process of dyeing plant and animal based fibres.
  • Safe dyeing practices and suggested tools for your home or studio set-up.

Handpainting with Natural Dyes

58 min  |  2 lessons
  • Learn to handpaint yarns and fibres using natural dyes.
  • Discover the low-water method, using only a steamer or air curing to set the colours and minimize rinsing.
Eco Printing with Natural Dyes

Eco Printing with Natural Dyes

1 hr 44 min |  2 lessons
  • Discover the different methods of getting dye stuff to make prints onto fabric, yarn and knitted items.
  • Learn all about clamping, bundling onto itself & on a stick, finishing and washing your textiles.

Plant a Natural Dye Garden

1 hr  |  1 lesson
  • Learn about growing your own dye garden, as well as about the safe wildcrafting of natural dye plants.
  • Find out what to grow in your garden or wildcraft from within your land base.
  • Discover the examples of local colour wheels on different fibre bases: grey wool, cotton, superwash wool, plus a wool + silk blend.
  • Learn about best wildcrafting practices and how to be the best ally to your land base.
Indigo Dyeing

Indigo Dyeing

1 hr 8 min |  1 lesson
  • Learn about the GPL method, setting up vats at different grams/litre for different colour depths.
  • Understand what a healthy indigo vat should look like, plus tips on reviving a vat.
  • Discover tips for successful dips in your indigo vat.
  • Study different indigo types, tools, materials and more!