Dyeing Yarn with Acid Dyes


Want to learn to dye wool and silk yarn and fibre? Start with acid dyes which are designed for protein fibres and learn how dyes are mixed, blended, and diluted to create the hues and depths of shade that you want in your yarn. After completing this learning path, you'll be able to create your own solid shade, tonal, handpainted, low-water immersion, and even self-striping yarns.

Dyeing Yarn

Dyeing Intentional Colour

1 hr 54 min  |  34 lessons
  • Learn to dye your own yarns and fibres using immersion dyeing techniques.
  • Understand and learn to control the dye process to produce colours intentionally.
  • Discover your own creative process and understand the variables that affect dyed results.
  • Set up your own dye studio with the right space and the ideal equipment for acid dyeing.
  • Create your own system to record your dye experiments and sessions.
Colour and Design

Dyeing Complex Colour

5 hr 7 min  |  48 lessons
  • Develop a deeper understanding of colours and colour theory and learn to create or avoid muddy hues.
  • Create glazed, layered, and tonal hand-dyed colour effects through immersion dyeing and the addition of delicate resists.
  • Manipulate the variables of dyeing to produce non-repeating multi-coloured yarns with a low water immersion technique.
  • Learn how to create handpainted yarns and spinning fibres for repeating colour sequences.
  • Understand and create different self-striping colour sequences.
  • Apply these dye techniques and methods to knitted sock blanks to produce even more hand-dyed effects on yarn.
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