Learn How to Knit Your First Scarf

Learn to knit your first scarf

I have a friend who parents three kids and races about all day from errand to activity and activity to errand. She sits a lot with Kid A in that lesson and Kid B busy with that school assignment. And, when they finally crash at the end of the day, she’s been left … wondering what she can do for herself. Wondering if she is too old, too busy to learn something new. Naturally, my answer to her was plain. “You can learn to knit your first scarf and I’m going to teach you.”

My friend was hesitant. Oh, she tried to argue that it was too hard, too fiddly, too old-fashioned (which made me give her the evil eye). She finally relented, though, and let me teach her. Even though it is a rather nondescript, learning to knit is no small thing for the first-timer! It can feel intimidating, maybe even overwhelming. Yarn, needles, stitches, and then figuring out how to make them all work together?


But, I’m going to teach you, too. We have a brand new, FREE mini-workshop that will work you through all of the following steps:

Step One:

The first thing I want you to is get some yarn and needles.

Step Two:

Learn how to work the Long-Tail Cast-On and use it to cast-on 35 sts. Make sure you keep it loose enough that the stitches move easily across the needle, but not so loose that you have gaping holes.

Step Three:

Learn how to work the Knit Stitch and work across your very first row. Then, turn your needle, and repeat that knit stitch every row.

Step Four:

Keep going. This is a meditative, repetitive practice to build that muscle memory and teach you to recognize the stitch construction. YOU CAN DO IT. Take breaks when you want to, pick it back up when you can, and keep practicing.

Step Five:

When you have almost run out of yarn, learn how to Bind Off your stitches to finish.

Step Six:

Weave in your ends (you’ll need a yarn or tapestry needle) and then … and THEN! Take pride that you have learned something new and knit your first scarf!

Of course, in the course, I’m going to walk you through any issues or problems you might run in to. Because let’s face it. You’re going to make mistakes. Keep going. There is no wrong in knitting and I hope you gain strength from the grace that knitting offers. When you learn to knit, you’re learning about overcoming obstacles. Heck, you’re learning about learning! Grin!

Close up view of a garter stitch scarf, worked in SweetGeorgia Superwash Worsted and perfect for first time knitters

So, head on over to the School of SweetGeorgia and watch the Learn to Knit: First Scarf course to get started.

At the end of this, you may find its not for you. And yet, you’ll still have learned something important about yourself … about the time you spend in self-care. About the time you give to yourself to try a new thing and see what comes of it. At the end of this, you may find that you’ve discovered exactly what you need. Mindfulness, calm, attention to your breath and movement … maybe. Mostly, I hope that at the end of this, you’ll know a bit of self-satisfaction that you can do and make beautiful things.

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