C&FP Twiss blending board rainbow fibre


Understanding the basics of colour theory, learning the different kinds of fibre and their properties, and different tools to start with your spinning journey!

Carding for Colour

Carding for Colour

53 min |  11 lessons
  • Understand the basic Colour Theory.
  • Explore different kinds of fibres and their properties.
  • Learn different tools you can use to card fibre.
  • Find out the different forms your fibre can take.
  • Discover how to use drum carders, blending boards, and drum carders.
Blending Boards: From Rolags to Roving

Blending Boards: From Rolags to Roving

1 hr 54min |  12 lessons
  • Learn how to choose or make a Blending Board.
  • Discover the types of tool to use.
  • Understand loading the fibres in the Blending Board, making rolags and batts, how to roll or dizz them off the board.
  • Learn how to go off board to make a carded cloud prep, to create texture batty bumps, and to flick open and store locks.
Colour & Fibre Play

Colour & Fibre Play

2 hr 49 min |  11 lessons
  • Explore an overview of colour theory and different kinds of texture in fibre.
  • Learn how to prepare to spin your batts, rolags or dizzed fibre.
  • Understand scaling up your small batch fibre prep.
  • Discover inspiration pieces and more!
Colour & Fibre Play II

Colour & Fibre Play II

3 hr 42  min |  5 lesson
  • Learn review and lessons learned in Colour & Fibre Play I.
  • Discover the fibres that can be added for unique blends.
  • Learn how to sketch, doodle and sample to explore creativity.
  • Understand scaling up & scaling out.