Lacy Squares + Runner Rigid Heddle Pattern

5/1 lace var runner amanda wood

The pattern is  featured in the  “Lace with Pick-Up Stick on Rigid Heddle Loom” course with Amanda Wood.

For this project we’ll explore pick-up sticks and learn how to use warp and weft floats on their own and in combination. We’ll make five samples on a 9” / 23 cm wide warp complete with hemstitching. These little samples would make lovely table squares. Then you can choose a structure you have woven and expand it into a table runner on a second wider warp. 

Lacy Table Squares + Runner by Amanda Wood

Skill Level: Intermediate

Wet- finished Measurements

  •   7 1/2″ / 19 cm wide x 7 1/4 ” / 18.5 cm long, five table squares plus fringe;
  • One table runner 13″ / 33 cm wide x 57 1/4″ / 145.5 cm long plus fringe*.

*These dimensions will vary slightly for each structure.


  • Warp & Weft: Two  cones of Gist Yarn Duet in one colour of your choice, table squares shown in Marble colourway, table runner shown in Pear colourway (600 yd / 549 m per 4 oz / 113 g cone; 55% tow linen, 45% cotton; 2,390 YPP).

    You will need 5.1 ounces / 145 g for the scarf and 2.3 ounces / 65 g for the table squares. If you would like to make the table squares a different colour from the runner then you will need one cone for the table squares and two cones for the runner.

Equipment & Tools

  • Rigid heddle loom with a minimum 16″ / 23 cm weaving width;
  • 10-dent reed,
  • one boat shuttle or stick shuttle, bobbins and bobbin winder (if you are using a boat shuttle), reed hook,
  • one pick-up stick, medium weight paper the width of the loom, waste yarn for warp separating, scissors, measuring tape, yarn needle.

Note: If weaving in floor loom, add extra loom waste allowance.


  • Weave Structure: lace with pick up
  • Warp 1 (table squares) Warp Length: 96″ / 244 cm long (includes 24″ / 61 cm Take-Up and Loom Waste, 3 1/4″ / 8.5 cm Fringe for each square)
    Warp Ends: 87; Ends Per Inch (EPI): 10; Picks Per Inch (PPI): 10**
    Width in Loom: 8 3/4″ / 22 cm
  • Warp 2 (table runner) Warp Length: 96″ / 244 cm long (includes 24″ / 61 cm Take-Up and Loom Waste, 3″ / 7.5 cm Fringe)
    Warp Ends: 155; Ends Per Inch (EPI): 10; Picks Per Inch (PPI): 10**
    Width in Loom: 15 1/2″ / 39.5 cm

**estimated PPI. It is variable for each lace structure and your beat.

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