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How do I submit a question for the Live Office Hours?

Every month, Felicia hosts a Live Office Hours session for the School of SweetGeorgia. You can check our Calendar of Events to see when the next scheduled livestream will happen.

Submit your question for Live Office Hours or send us a photo and description of your “Show & Tell” project that you would like us to show! Send us your Instagram handle too so we can help others follow your work.

The questions and projects are shared in a slide deck during an unlisted YouTube livestream that is only accessible to SOS members. Once the livestream is done, we upload the replay to the School library to be available to members at any time. We also set the YouTube livestream to “Public” so that anyone can view the office hours session after it’s happened.

To submit your question, please use this form here » 

Note that submission does not guarantee that we will get the chance to answer the question or show your project, but we will do our best to include as many as possible during the session.

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